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New music reading sessions provide a glimpse of new music publications available for each type of ensemble.  Attendees have the advantage of listening to professional musicians as they introduce new works and perform a portion of each piece for a live audience.  The level of music ranges from easy to difficult and each session presents a variety of styles, composers, and publishers.  Please bring a pen to take notes about each piece you like and plan to visit with our music publishing companies onsite for more information.*

This page presents a list of 2019 Reading Sessions. 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Orchestra New Music Reading Session

Chicagoland Educator Orchestra (Illinois)
Bryan Miller, conductor
Leyden High Schools (Illinois)
Frank Lestina, moderator
Vernon Hills High School - retired (Illinois)
Meeting Room W184
Score Links Document

Friday, December 20, 2019

Jazz New Music Reading Session
The United States Navy Band Commodores Jazz Ensemble (Washington, D.C.)
MUCS William C. Mulligan, director
J. Richard Dunscomb, moderator
The Midwest Clinic - vice president
Ballroom W196

Concert Band New Music Reading Session
Bands of the Air National Guard

Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Miller, commander and conductor
Meeting Room W184

*New Music Reading Sessions are subject to change.