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Music Technology Presentations

Descriptions of Music Technology Presentations
Meeting Room W180, McCormick Place West

This page presents a list of 2013 Technology Sessions. We will post a list of 2014 participants in SEPTEMBER.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

11:00 AM – Presented by MakeMusic
SmartMusic on iPad: Student Assignments
Students now have the ability to practice and submit assignments using iPad or computers. Imagine the flexibility of having your students log in and practice at home, school or iPad with all of SmartMusic’s content that includes over 3,500 concert titles and more than 60 method books.

12:00 PM – Presented by Breezin’ Thru Theory
New Auto-Assessed Music Theory Online: Easy to Use, Fun to Do with Breezin’ Thru Theory
Let Breezin’ teach the theory so you can spend more class time making music! Breezin’ Thru Theory’s new Auto Assessment Student Tracker gets measurable results, saves you marking, and makes it fun. Hear about the phenomenal results teachers get and the student engagement as they race against themselves and the clock to build mastery. Perfect for grades 5-12 and AP prep, its online access makes it a breeze to do at home or school – nothing to set-up or install.

1:00 PM – Presented by PreSonus
How to Properly Record Your Students and Concerts: The Right Gear to Make the Job Easy
This session will demonstrate simple and efficient recording techniques to maximize the audio quality of student recordings both in class and in concert. From simple, handy little USB boxes to full-fledged professional digital mixers, the right tool for the job is out there.

2:00 PM – Presented by Alfred Music
Theory Lessons Available Online with Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory Web Version
The most complete music theory course ever is now online! This all-in-one series includes concise lessons with short exercises, ear-training activities and reviews. Includes narration, animated examples and clickable elements for aural reinforcement. Also includes randomized exercises, ear training and review answers. 

3:00 PM – Presented by Interactive Listening
What to Expect When You’re Expecting Technology in Music Class
Pete Carney, chosen by Apple as "Editor's Choice" for his multimedia iBook Interactive Listening, discusses best practices for integrating technology to create an interactive music classroom experience. Tactile, visual and aural technology enables students to learn faster, connect more dots and leads to higher information retention. Used properly, technology should be simple, comfortable and allow deeper discussion in class.

4:00 PM – Presented by eMedia
Integrating eMedia Technology into Your Piano, Guitar or Choral Program
Integrating eMedia's interactive learning and assessment technology into your guitar, piano or choral program can greatly enhance your student’s learning experience. Students learn quicker and are encouraged to advance at his or her own pace, thus individual needs are met. Learn how eMedia's music software can be implemented in an existing MIDI lab and other ways into your music program. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

9:00 AM – Presented by Avid Education
Sibelius 7 Introduction: Getting Started, Opening a Score, Editing and More
Get started with Sibelius 7 by discovering the look and feel and realistic playback of Sibelius. Learn how to create a score and choose the manuscript paper, instruments, and house style. Add bars, time signatures, and key signatures and use the new Ribbon interface. Enter notes using the mouse, keyboard, Flexi-time™ and Speedy Entry for those used to using Finale. Also experience beginning editing and marking up your score with expressions and technique.

10:00 AM – Presented by Charms
New Mobile App Features in Charms Office Assistant
Charms is the premiere management, communication, assessment, and financial system used by successful programs everywhere. Discover how new Barcode Scanning and Recording Studio mobile apps help you save time during your workday, with Charms.

11:00 AM – Presented by MakeMusic
SmartMusic for Middle and High School Directors: Panel Discussion
Participate in a panel discussion of educators discussing the best practices of how they integrated SmartMusic into their programs. Topics include: How to use SmartMusic in class. How did SmartMusic’s assessment capabilities aid in evaluating your students? Do students learn more quickly with SmartMusic? How did you train your students? Did you present SmartMusic to the parents? And more… 

12:00 PM – Presented by Music Professor
The Evolving State of Online Learning and its Effect on Music Education
A cluster of familiar tools have found their way into band halls over the past decade, allowing directors to work more efficiently and their students to work more independently. However, none of these applications fills the role of a private instructor who guides a student through difficult, instrument-specific techniques and tone development. What new technology helps teachers respond to this challenge?

1:00 PM – Presented by Pygraphics (Pyware)
I Bought Pyware This Year – Now What?
An introduction into the world of Pyware 3D, the world’s premiere drill design software. Join the discussion on how to utilize the robust features of Pyware 3D to create shows for halftime to world championships, and everything in between.

2:00 PM – Presented by Pygraphics (Pyware)
Old School – The New Cool: Traditional Style Show Design in Pyware
Learn the ropes of traditional and military drill design just in time for the resurgence. Or did it ever really leave? Either way, we’ll be sharing our processes for designing both exciting and executable show style drills.

3:00 PM – Presented by Avid Education
Introduction to Pro Tools and Digital Audio: Unmask the Basics of Audio Recording and Editing
In this one-hour session, Pro Tools Expert Jenny Amaya will demystify the basics of digital audio and Pro Tools systems. This session will cover all of the basics, from digital audio concepts like bit depth and sample rate, to selecting and setting up your hardware, saving and managing your Pro Tools session, completing a simple audio recording, basic audio editing, dithering down, and bouncing your audio out of Pro Tools so that you can burn it to disc. If you need to gain more confidence when it comes to dealing with digital audio and working with Pro Tools, this is the session for you!

4:00 PM – Presented by Tapspace
Virtual Drumline Demystified: Create Convincing Playback of Your Percussion Scores
Take a close look at some of the details behind Virtual Drumline - the world's most powerful marching and concert percussion software instrument. In this demonstration, we'll look at some of the lesser known powers of Virtual Drumline and how you can use it to create virtually convincing playback of your percussion scores. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

9:00 AM – Presented by MakeMusic
Top Five Time-Savers for Finale 2014
Learn the easiest and fastest ways to create instrumental scores, percussion parts, assessable instrument exercises, and anything else related to music notation. Special attention will be given to Finale's ability to scan and edit exiting printed music, as it’s a great way to save time for teaching.

10:00 AM – Presented by Naxos of America
Using Streaming Media in Your Classroom
Naxos, the world’s leader in classical music, discusses the important issues associated with using streaming media in your classroom.  Learn about exciting changes and advancements to the technology that you can use in your daily teaching.

11:00 AM – Presented by Avid Education
Sibelius 7 Intermediate/Advanced: Plug-ins, Formatting, Arranging Features, Tests, Exams and More
Take Sibelius 7 to the next level. See advanced editing and using plug-ins and filters in action. Learn formatting, layout, part extraction and how to use the Arranging feature. Create tests, exams and worksheets. Learn how to enter a simple holiday tune and arrange it for big band using quick workflow techniques.

12:00 PM – Presented by My Music Office
So Sick of Spreadsheets! – Effectively Organizing Your Music Program
Are you sick of searching through pages and pages of spreadsheets to find a single piece of music, the amount a student owes in a fundraiser, or what student is assigned to what instrument? Are you tired of corporate business software work to organize your music program? My Music Office was created by a music teacher, for music teachers, and offers an all-in-one online option to keep your program organized. Come see the latest features at work!

1:00 PM – Presented by Yamaha Corporation
Choosing the Right Sound System for the Right Situation, Indoors or Out
Let us take the mystery out of getting the most from your sound gear, and help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes when choosing new gear. Learn with Yamaha’s Live Sound expert, John Schauer. He’ll cover the basics of a sound system, how to best use the gear you may already have, and show you some new products Yamaha has to help solve sound issues in your classroom. John has more than 30 years of experience in audio, so chances are excellent that he’s been through the same things you’re facing to improve your system.

2:00 PM – Presented by PreSonus
Music Notation on the iPad
Notion is the best music notation app for iPad. This session will demonstrate using the iPad as a notation tool including: Transferring Finale or Sibelius files to the iPad, composing on the go, creating student rehearsal tracks, and more!
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