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"The Midwest Clinic was an amazing experience and extremely rewarding for me as a first year band teacher and first time attendee. I had heard from friends that this convention is gigantic and one of the biggest in the country. I truly had no idea how large it really was until I arrived there and checked in. The Midwest Clinic was one of the most rewarding and educational conventions I have ever been to. I am glad I went and I benefited from the convention in many ways. I look forward to attending in the future and hope to continue to attend throughout my music education career."
--Jay S.,


“I have been attending The Midwest Clinic since the late 1980s. In this time, I have never tired of the Clinic. Every year offers new and unique experiences that help directors get re-calibrated and motivated. Although I look for different events and details than I did years ago, I feel Midwest offers the “seasoned” teacher as much as it offers the “rookie” teacher. There is truly something for everyone at Midwest.”
--William T.,


”Having the Midwest Clinic in Chicago is just another bonus to the entire experience. Aside from hearing the fine music educators, groups and researchers in the instrumental field, the cultural events in Chicago are just one more reason to attend the convention. This year, we spent time in the Chicago Art Institute on Tuesday, and we spent a lot of time with colleagues we rarely see (from Japan, Hawaii, Arkansas, Florida) just talking about education over great food at local rib joints and pizza places.”
--Scott S.,


"Rejuvenation, encouragement, advice, and mentoring are all words that come to mind when I think of the Midwest Clinic. This was the second Midwest that I have attended. Everything from the booths to clinicians and performances created the energy I need to continue striving for greatness with my band. The Midwest Clinic, I have come to realize, is where I recharge my batteries.
The Midwest Clinic is a wonderful place to meet the best teachers in the world. This association is both enlightening and motivating. Talking with these people is the most important part, and what excites me and encourages me to come home and be a better music teacher."
--Jermie A.,
American Fork, Utah

“There are a great many benefits to attending a conference such as this one. Educators are learning from educators, and all of us are “in it” for the same goals – it is great to see the support structure of band directors include composers, editors, and retailers. Any one of us could call on another for assistance. Having in hand the resources to continue my program in a positive direction is well worth the time away from school to attend the Midwest Clinic.”
--Harry B.,

"The Midwest Clinic is essential to my well-being as a band director. When the frustrations of all the non-musical aspects of teaching threaten to overwhelm me I can count on the experience of the Midwest and the city of Chicago at the holidays to brighten my outlook and spirit. Over the years I have used the opportunity to talk to the composers of pieces we were working on, research the proper instrument or equipment to purchase, select literature from the latest publications, meet with colleagues, and of course to listen to quality music performed to near perfection!"
--Eugene B.,
Sylvania, Ohio


"Playing at the Midwest Clinic for people who appreciate the music you are making gave our performance a completely different feeling. Our group didn’t feel nervous when the audience had that attitude, mainly because we were no longer trying to impress anyone. The impression had already been made and the musical experience was more pure because of it. That is to say, the performance is more about the music than the musicians. My experience performing at the Midwest Clinic has had enough impact on me that I now see my future differently. I now will play my instrument after college, just to never stop having such intensely musical experiences."
--Connor D.


"The day after the concert, many of the members of Jazz Ensemble commented on the great amount of fun they had performing at the Midwest. I think we should all strive to treat every concert like a Midwest concert. If we were to always perform with the same musical intensity that we displayed at that concert, it would create a higher overall level of performance...and it would be more fun—which is the reason everyone starts playing an instrument in the first have fun!"
--Aaron W.


"In so many words, the Midwest convention showed me what it was like to be a professional musician."
--Peter C.