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Conference Dates: Dec. 18 – 21, 2019

The 2019 Midwest Clinic will feature up to 18 one-hour product showcases to provide exhibitors the opportunity to demonstrate their products to convention attendees in a clinic setting. Product Showcases will be listed in the conference program book, conference app and in the conference schedule listed on our website. Sessions will take place in Meeting Room W180 at McCormick Place West. NOTE: Product Showcase attendance is not available for continuing education credit.

Download the Product Showcase pdf.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Session Title Presenter
9:15 AM
Naxos Online Libraries - Classical Music Streaming Resource Presented by Naxos Music Group
The Naxos Music Group offers multiple collections for "studied music" streaming resources. Included are educational resources that help all ages and levels of music student get the most out of their music education. Teachers can create playlists for classes or ensembles (mobile applications are available free with every subscription) for on-the-go access.
10:30 AM
The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program: Essential Learning Resources for a Successful Band Program Presented by RCM Certificate Program
Join renowned educator Dr. Robert Hunter to discover how the curriculum and resources of the RCM Certificate Program can enhance your teaching and strengthen student engagement.
12:00 PM
Lung Trainers: The Science of Breathing Presented by Lung Trainers LLC
Do you know your breathing technique IQ? Discover your PSI number, what it is, and how it relates to you! Learn how Lung Trainers are redefining breathing performance for band and choir students across the world.
1:30 PM
What's New in Digital Percussion Presented by Romeo Music
In this session, we'll explore new digital percussion products from Pearl, Keith McMillen Instruments, Alesis, and Roland with practical, easy to do, application-based ideas for using them to augment both your individual classroom and performance needs. Great for all levels of technology experience presented by music educator and music technology specialist, Ryan Unangst.
3:00 PM
Not Enough Time? Let CUT TIME Keep Your Music Program Organized in a Disorganized World Presented by CUT TIME - A Service of J.W. Pepper
Are you getting the most out of your day? How can you find the time to do it all? Cloud-based, affordable resources; accessible anywhere, anytime, on any internet-connected device. J.W. Pepper's cloud-based group management program Cut Time is designed specifically to help you manage and organize your music program so you can get back to the important stuff - teaching kids music! Music education veteran Scott McCormick will share some best practices along with ways Cut Time can help you: 1. Manage your instrument inventory, music library, and your attire and uniforms. 2. Organize your calendar, financial obligations, and files and documents. 3. Communicate with everyone in your program more effectively. This session will be a place where you can learn, ask questions, and see the incredible developments that have occurred over the past 12 months. Start taking steps to take control of the many tasks you manage as a director or administrator.
4:30 PM
Implementing Technology with Ensembles: It's Easier Than You Think Presented by MusicFirst
Does the idea of introducing technology to your ensemble evoke nightmarish visions of mountains of prep work, device incompatibility issues, and content creation? Software, like any other tool, should maximize instruction time and make your job easier, not harder. During this session, we'll introduce you to a single-sign-on platform, compatible across all devices (even mobile!), which integrates seamlessly with your favorite software tools, includes expertly curated content, and enables you to track student growth over time. We'll also explore the teacher-specific productivity tools, including a digital gradebook, automated assessments, a drag-and-drop calendar, in-platform communication, and unlimited file storage.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Session Title Presenter
8:30 AM
Noteflight: Create, Teach, Share, Sell and Purchase Music Online Presented by Noteflight, a Hal Leonard Company
Noteflight has a powerful online music notation editor that can be used on any device, plus a range of solutions for teaching music with Noteflight Learn and buying music on Noteflight Marketplace. The session will demonstrate a range of solutions for music educators.
10:00 AM
Music Theory for Performance Programs - Bring Your Own Device and See! Presented by Breezin' Thru Inc.
Bring your own device and experience why Breezin' Thru Theory can be a game changer for you, your students & music program. We'll simulate a classroom, and you'll see what a breeze it is to get going - how fun, fast & effective it is. (Prizes will be awarded!) Use seamlessly online - any device, anytime - it frees up rehearsal & marking time, and tracks student success, at-a-glance. Curriculum aligned, Gr. 4-12, it builds confidence and helps kids reach new musical heights. Because when they read better, they play better!
11:30 AM
Get Your Time Back with Charms Presented by Charms, a Vanco company
Learn how thousands of music directors across the country spend less time on administration and more time teaching with the music program management software designed by music teachers for music teachers. See how you can clear your schedule by streamlining inventory management, parent communications, scheduling, and more with a live demonstration of Charms. Plus, learn how you can schedule events, sell tickets, and reserve seating for concerts, recitals and more with Vanco Events.  
1:00 PM
Beyond the Back of the Room! Developing Reliable Percussionists in Their Early Years Presented by TAPSPACE
Using proven techniques of short daily drills and engaging literature choices, Eric Rath and Ralph Hicks will discuss simple ways in which young percussion students can become musically independent and engaged. They'll give you an in-depth tour of their popular programs "Five Minute Drill" and "Nine Minute Drill," in which students learn the basics of snare drum and keyboard technique through fun, daily exercises with play-along tracks. They'll also discuss how to supplement these skills musically, with "Beyond Basic Percussion," a practical and fun collection that focusses on making music through percussion while training young players on the inevitable logistical hurdles that come from the percussion section.
3:00 PM
Making Music Matter Presented by Manhattan Beach Music
A presentation of "Making Music Matter" Book 1 and 2 - a new and innovative band method by Frank Ticheli and Gregory B. Rogers for beginning and intermediate bands. Published by Manhattan Beach Music.
4:30 PM
The Musical Legacy of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra Presented by Edition Peters
A conversation with Maestro Robert Austin Boudreau about the remarkable wealth of music he commissioned for the AWSO.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Session Title Presenter
8:30 AM
WindStars: Grow The Band Through Pre-Band Presented by Nuvo Instrumental
Pre-Band helps to bridge the gap between recorder and beginning band through active engagement in all learning modalities.
10:30 AM
Who's Got Game? Teaching Music Theory With Engaging Games Presented by Band Directors Talk Shop
Basic music theory is essential and can be FUN to learn (and teach)! This clinic will be full of games that help teach note recognition, rhythmic figures, musical vocabulary, musical terms, aural skills, rhythmic dictation, and more! Participants will leave with a toolbox full of ways to teach 'boring' concepts in an engaging way. Many of these quick games get the kids up and moving as they learn.
12:00 AM
Easily Assess Your Students on Any Device (Including Smartphones!) Presented by MusicFirst
With state and national standards increasingly focused on assessment, as well as parents and administrators asking for quantifiable results, music educators need efficient and effective methods of evaluating students. But as an ensemble director, how do you manage to assess hundreds of students without sacrificing rehearsal time? During this session, discover digital tools for formative and summative assessments for subject-matter knowledge and performance proficiency, and how these tools can be used on a multitude of devices.
1:30 PM
Technology + Method Books: 1 + 1 = 3 Presented by MakeMusic
How do you keep students of different levels engaged while they work through their method book? In this session, you'll learn how to keep students engaged and practicing. We'll discuss using technology to track student progress while also making sure that students pace themselves, get opportunities for error free learning, and have access to the supplemental content they need to thrive.
3:00 PM
Learn How the New Yamaha Digital Lab System Will Transform Your Classroom Piano Experience Yamaha Corporation of America
The Yamaha MLC-200 Music Lab system offers the ultimate combination of control, versatility and digital clarity. Utilizing industry-standard Dante technology and the exclusive ML Touch app, this system gives educators and students the best piano lab experience that is available.
4:30 PM
Band and Orchestra Instrument Petting Zoo Presented by D'Addario
Come get your hands on the newest and greatest instruments and accessories for band and orchestra. Participants will receive their choice of a free percussion, woodwind, or orchestral string accessory.