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Does each person need to register individually?

Yes. Each person will need to complete their own registration in order to select a username and password. Their unique credentials will allow them to access the conference beginning December 16 - January 31.

Can I pay for multiple attendees?

You can! When your attendees complete their registration, ask them to select the option to pay with a purchase order and then click the register button. This will automatically redirect them to the payment page. They do not need to enter their credit card information, they can simply close their browser.
You will then need to send an email to our accounting department ( with a list of all of the attendees who should be included on your invoice.

Can I pay for multiple attendees with one check?

You absolutely can. Keep in mind that all payments for attendees must be received prior to the event in order for attendees to be able log in. For that reason, we would recommend getting your check in the mail by the end of November at the latest.

Can I pay for multiple attendees via credit card?

You can, however due to current Covid restrictions, our staff is in the office a limited amount of time. You will need to contact our accounting department to set-up a time to process your payment over the phone. You can do so by sending an email to


Step-by-step instructions for group registration

  • Go to
  • Complete all registration information
  • Select "Yes, I would like to pay by Purchase Order" at the end of the registration form
  • Click "Register"
  • Close out of the credit card payment page (you do not need to enter your payment information)
You or a representative from your organization will need to send a complete list of all attendees who are included in your group to We will generate an invoice so you can either pay for all attendees via check or credit card.