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Music Technology Presentations


Description of Music Technology Presentations
Meeting Room W180, McCormick Place West

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

11:00am – Presented by MakeMusic

Are You Using the Newest Finale Like It’s Finale 2000?
Get up to date on the latest Finale time saving tools and shortcuts.
Learn how to use the Repitch Tool, Selection Tool and contextual
menus to reduce editing time. Use metatools to enter markings and
expressions. Other topics include fast ways to enter repeats/endings
and codas, using the Score Manager, changing instruments
mid-staff, layers, hiding empty staves, exploding chords into
individual staves, creating custom expressions, time-saving
plug-ins, and score/part layout tips.

12:00pm – Presented by Breezin’ Thru Theory

Exciting, New Breezin’ Thru Theory NEXT GEN –
Now On Any Device

Breezin’ Thru Theory’s state of the art upgrade is here & it’s amazing!
It’s music theory that’s in tune with the way kids want to learn …
even in the palm of their hand! Next Gen is packed full of exciting
new features that motivate students to excel. Cool dashboards show
progress & assessment in a snap. Students can breeze thru anytime,
anywhere, and now on any device. Just login & go. Can be used
from 4th to 12th grade.

1:00pm – Presented by Charms Office

“Where’s All My Stuff?” – Cloud-based Inventory/Asset

The Charms Office Assistant was launched in 2001, and since has
become the unquestioned leader in cloud-based organization,
management, and communication for successful organizations.
Charms keeps track of all your student, member, and adult
information such as email addresses, phone numbers, what group
they are in, their grade, and lots more. Charms can organize and
make sense of your library, and keep track of your inventory,
equipment, props and uniforms. It also handles all financials,
communication, student practice logs and more.

2:00pm – Presented by Music First

Engagement and Accountability: The Solution is in
the Cloud

Music educators need efficient and effective methods of evaluating
students. Technology has somewhat addressed these pains but
finding affordable solutions that cover all parts of a classroom is a
challenge. The MusicFirst Online Classroom helps teachers with
their assessments and supports student learning. Teachers can see
students’ progress and can share their results. The Online
Classroom, a revolutionary learning management system with
integrated music education software tools, includes a gradebook, an
assessment generator, sight reading practice tools, a red/yellow/
green note assessment tool, and much more.

3:00pm – Presented by PreSonus
Audio in the Classroom, Rehearsal and Performance
There are many important audio tools for reinforcing, recording and
assessing your ensembles. Learn how this can be simple and
affordable, not complex and expensive. Included: specific
microphone, mixer, and speaker suggestions for High School,
Middle School, Marching band, jazz band, and choir.

4:00pm – Presented by Dr. Flegg’s Structured Practice Method
How to be Big Brother to Your Students When They’re in
the Practice Room

Are your students motivated, but not as well-prepared as they could
be? You know they want to learn, and they are practicing. But week
after week, your students are not achieving what you know they’re
capable of. Dr. Flegg’s Structured Practice Method is a computerized
practice journaling system that helps musicians plan and structure
their practice, AND enables teachers to stay involved in the process
all week long, not just during weekly lessons.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

8:30am – Presented by Box5 Software
Designing Marching Arts Shows in 3D –
Live Inside Your Drill

Discover the benefits of designing drill and staging in full 3D!
Box5 Software founder and creator of EnVision Visual Performance
Design software, William Lee, will walk through the basics of using
EnVision and describe the benefits of using 3D rendering when
designing your field or floor show. Q and A session to follow.

10:30am – Presented by Newzik
When Classical Meets Technology – Orchestras with
All Digital Sheet Music

Today’s students live in a digital world. Teachers and Schools
must help young musicians take advantage of emerging music
technologies. In the near future, printed music will be a thing of the
past. Newzik is a sheet music reader app that helps musicians of all
levels organize and build their digital library. Newzik is the only
digital solution for tomorrow’s greatest musicians.

11:30am – Presented by MakeMusic
Exploring the New SmartMusic
The new SmartMusic continues the tradition of great practice and
assessment features while greatly expanding access for students
and parents. It is now a web-based solution that works on webenabled
computers and tablets and is optimized for Google Chrome
browsers. In addition, the new SmartMusic offers affordable
classroom-wide pricing for schools.

12:30pm – Presented by Solutions for Teachers
The Best of Both Worlds: Assess and Rehearse on

Let’s face it. We have to assess students individually to prove growth.
We’ve created a way to accomplish this using about 5 minutes of
class time each day. We still have plenty of time to rehearse and
aren’t listening to recordings or logging scores on our personal
time. Come check out our complete system of assessments (enough
playing and written tests for beginner through HS senior) and the
cloud-based software we use to track our own students.

1:30pm – Presented by Pygraphics (Pyware)
I Bought Pyware This Year – Now What?
An introduction into the world of Pyware 3D, the world’s premiere
drill design software. Join the discussion on how to utilize the
robust features of Pyware 3D to create shows for halftime to world
championships, and everything in between.

2:30pm – Presented by Pygraphics and Kjos Music
Keeping Up With Tech Savvy Kids Through the Interactive
Practice Studio

Technology is a way for us to enter the students’ world instead of
always asking them to join ours. Dr. Bruce Pearson will share with
you the all-new Interactive Practice Studio and demonstrate easy
ways to integrate this ground-breaking technology in the
educational process to engage students and build better ensembles.

3:30pm – Presented by Breezin’ Thru Theory

Breezin’ Thru Composing: Now Everyone Can Create

Breezin’ Thru Composing brings the thrill of creating music to all
students! The 15 amazing chapters of ready-to-go, interactive lessons
& videos prepare students to compose their own music as they learn
a variety of compositional concepts and apply them in a variety of
styles. You’ll see the journey students take as we showcase our
unique teacher & student dashboards that house their work. Breezin’
Thru Composing can be used from 4th to 12th grade, online with
any device: Computer, Chromebook, iPads/Tablets, Smart Phones.

4:30pm– Presented by Yamaha Corporation of America
Marching PA Systems: The Most Popular Configurations
of Sound Reinforcement Systems for Marching

Let’s have a look at the most popular configurations of Sound
Reinforcement systems for the marching activity. John Schauer from
Yamaha will take you through a system and help you understand
what to look for (and avoid) in your system. You will come away
with ideas and tips that will help you improve your performances
while improving reliability and consistent sound quality.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

8:30am – Presented by Hal Leonard Corporation
Essential Elements Interactive 2.0!
Come see how the latest updates to Essential Elements Interactive
are being used in today’s middle school and high school classrooms.
See and hear real world examples of how EEi has helped students
learn more effectively, improve their self-assessment skills, and get
quick and timely feedback from their teachers, all in a fun and easy
to use system.

10:30am – Presented by MusicFirst
iPads, and Androids, and Chromebooks – Oh My!
The MusicFirst Online Classroom, a revolutionary learning
management system with integrated music education software tools,
supports student learning and teacher organization. Completely web
based, the Online Classroom allows student and teachers to access
at home, at school, or on the go. Teachers can generate their own
assessments, organize students into classes and groups, assign
them homework, and much more, all from any internet enable
device. Not only can students complete assignments, they can
access software tools to practice or compose on their own.

11:30am – Presented by Ultimate Drill Book
Drill Made Perfect: There’s an App For That
This session dives into the creation of UDBapp, a new mobile
application that is being used by thousands of marchers around the
world. The creators will take you through the revolutionary new
educational process for learning and cleaning drill, discuss how it
was built, and will invite you to be a part of the future development
of new features.

12:30pm – Presented by My Music Office
Organizing Your Music Programs Across the School
District… it CAN be Done!

By using the My Music Office’s new District Management system
that comes free with every subscription, entire school districts can
now stay organized online 24x7. Transfer students, music, and
equipment from one school to another with a couple of clicks.
View/Print/Search the entire school district music library in one
place. The future of district-wide organization is NOW!

1:30pm – Presented by NoteFlight
NoteFlight Learn: Compose and Record Online
Noteflight Learn provides an online platform where every student
can compose and record their own music, as well as access
hundreds of published scores. Teach music theory and
composition, create and organize performance assessments, and
improve sight reading with your own Noteflight Learn site that is
accessible on any device. This session will demonstrate lessons
that will improve student engagement and musicianship in your
band or orchestra program.

2:30pm – Presented by Naxos of America
Bringing the Classroom to Life with Recorded Music
Naxos, the world’s leader in classical music, discusses the benefits
of using recorded media, no matter the format, in the classroom.
Learn about exciting advancements in streaming educational media
and bring the world to your students! Stop by to hear about how
Smithsonian Folkways has enriched music study, too!

3:30pm – Presented by Yamaha Corporation of America
Choosing the Right Sound System for the Right Situation,
Indoors or Out

Let us take the mystery out of getting the most from your sound
gear, and help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes when choosing new
gear. Learn with Yamaha’s Live Sound expert, John Schauer. He’ll
cover the basics of a sound system, how to best use the gear you
may already have, and show you some new products Yamaha has to
help solve sound issues you might have. John has more than 30
years of experience in audio, so chances are excellent that he’s been
through the same things you’re facing to improve your system’s