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Performer First Reactions

Congratulations to all the performers! Here, we share some of their first reactions and continued thoughts to being invited to appear at The Midwest Clinic.

Monarch Brass' first performance at the Midwest Clinic!

Author: Susan Slaughter,

Monarch Brass, an all women's professional brass ensemble of premier musicians from North America and Europe, is absolutely thrilled to have been invited to perform at the 70th Anniversary of the Midwest Clinic this December!

The sponsor of Monarch Brass, the International Women's Brass Conference (IWBC), is dedicated to educating and providing opportunities for women brass musicians of all ages, and to support their desire to have a professional career in music. We believe that a performance by Monarch Brass at the Midwest Clinic is the perfect place to share our mission.

This is a very rare opportunity for directors, and high school and university students to attend a concert where every woman in the group has a professional job with a major symphony orchestra, university or premier military service band. We are so pleased this performance will be conducted by Dr. Mallory Thompson, Director of Bands at Northwestern University. We hope to see you and your students at the concert!

Mark your calendar:

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Skyline Ballroom W375E

10:30 a.m.

Please also visit the IWBC at:

Thank you!

Susan Slaughter
Retired Principal Trumpet, St. Louis Symphony
Founder, the International Women's Brass Conference and Monarch Brass

Getting Started

Author: Micah Ewing,

It's been quite a challenge to put into words all of the thoughts and feelings that go along with a Midwest Clinic performance. As a result, the inclination to put off posting has been strong. The feeling that goes along with the planning, preparation, and actual performance is a wonderful combination of nervousness and excitement. During the summer months the predominant feeling was nervousness - choosing the repertoire, balancing the program, designing a rehearsal plan to prepare for the concert, making all the travel arrangements. However, once rehearsals began the nervousness faded to excitement and comfort. The sense of comfort has come from the graciousness and professionalism of the wonderful students in the William Mason Wind Symphony. As teachers, I think we all believe that our students are amazing to varying degrees. I am certainly no exception and I can't possibly express adequately how truly incredible the students are in the Wind Symphony. As a result of my interactions with these young people at William Mason High School over the last 15 years, I have absolute faith in our youth and the future of our world in their hands. I would like for you to know more about them and who they are, so for future blog posts I will defer to their thoughts, giving them voice through guest posts.

They Made It

Author: David Mobley,

The morning after the official announcement came from The Midwest Clinic about our trombone choir being invited to perform we had a wind ensemble rehearsal at 9:00am. We were going through our announcements for the day and as we were finishing I asked the trombone section if they had their letter jackets, or a heavy parka of some kind - they looked at me very strangely and had no idea what I was talking about. After a second or two I said they were going to need them because it gets really cold in Chicago in December! It took a moment to sink in but they quickly realized that I was telling them they'd made it! The whole band cheered for them and they just about fell off the risers they use during class. What fun!!

Here We Go!

Author: Ted Shistle,

It's an incredible honor for the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Wind Symphony to be invited to perform at the 70th Midwest Clinic!! This is the third time the wind symphony has performed at this clinic in addition to our jazz band and our chamber orchestra. Although we've "been there" before, for all the performers, this is a new and exciting experience. The students were incredibly surprised when I made the announcement. Most of them didn't know that we had submitted an application (we used a live recording from a concert for the audition recording), so there was a real sense of shock for many of them. Now comes the real fun, choosing the program!

First Reaction @ HMS

Author: Bryan Itzkowitz,

We, at Holmes Middle School, are extremely humbled and very excited to have the opportunity for our students to perform at the 2016 Midwest Clinic. This will mark the first time in school history that a jazz group will perform at the clinic. We are looking forward to this wonderful journey!

News of Midwest

Author: Darlene Wedington-Clark,

I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden an email pops up from Midwest. I start shaking and began to talk to myself. "Should I open it or wait?" Then all of a sudden I clicked on the email and read the first couple of lines and started saying over and over - "Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God!" "I have to call someone- but who do I call?" I called my sister is New Jersey and started crying! Wow!

Midwest Clinic from my POV - Jamal Stewart Euphonium 10th Grade, Spring Wind Ensemble

Author: Gabe Musella,

After finding out that we were invited to The Midwest Clinic, I was ecstatic. I am extremely excited about going on this trip, as I have never been to Chicago! The joy I feel for this trip can not be measured, as its not only my love for music that makes this trip exciting, but the joy of going with fellow band members, who all have the same goal in mind of putting on a wonderful performance that we as musicians can take pride in. I speak not only for myself, but the entire Spring Band when I say that we are honored to be invited to the Chicago Midwest Clinic!

Midwest Announcement

Author: Karen George,

Here is the Youtube video of my announcement to the students. I set this up to pull a prank on the students.