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Product Showcases

Conference Dates: Dec. 19 – 22, 2018

The 2018 Midwest Clinic will feature 18 one-hour product showcases to provide exhibitors the opportunity to demonstrate their products to attendees in a clinic setting. All presentations will take place in Meeting Room W180.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Time Session Title Presenter
9:15 AM

Music by Black Composers: Diversifying Repertoire for All Students

Presented by LudwigMasters
Rachel Barton Pine Foundation
Presenting three educational music publications by the Music by Black Composers (MBC) project of the Rachel Barton Pine (RBP) foundation: MBC's Violin Volume I, The RBP Foundations's Coloring Book of Black Composers and MBC's Black Classical Composers Timeline Poster - landmark publications that place Black classical composers and their music into the lives of students.
10:30 AM

Virtual Acoustics and How It Is Changing Music Rehearsal and Performance

Presented by Wenger Corporation
Learn what new technology can do to enhance the acoustics of your rehearsal and performance space. Transport your rehearsal from a bright baroque hall to grand cathedral to a custom preset of YOUR performance space with just a push of a button. Discuss how Virtual Acoustics is changing Music Education.
12:00 PM

Rethinking the Instrumental Vehicle for Teaching Pitch in Beginning Percussion Keyboard Pedagogy

Presented by Yamaha Corporation of America
It is time for the culture of the beginning percussion class to change. Educators need to provide percussionists with the same quality beginning instruments as other instrumentalists. Teaching percussionists pitch, rhythm, sight-reading and ear training happens on multiple instruments. Keyboard Percussion instruments are where beginning percussionists learn pitch and the application of basic music theory. Why teach these on a toy? The YX-230 Xylophone from Yamaha allows beginning percussionists to study on a real instrument. Having the opportunity to begin with the dimensions and timbre of real bar and will have tremendous transfer value to full size instruments like marimba, vibraphone and full size xylophones. This session will demonstrate how learning on this instrument can maximize efficiency of learning pitch, transfer value to other percussion keyboard instruments and is much more FUN than playing on a set of bells.
1:30 PM

Customize Arrangements Easily to Fit Any Instrumentation with NiceChart

Presented by NiceChart
Not every ensemble is fortunate enough to have the right combination of instruments and players to do justice to an arrangement as originally scored. Missing instruments called for in the score or having instruments not found in the score have required directors to painfully rearrange the music to make it fit their group. Learn more about how NiceChart builds custom arrangements in minutes based on your ensemble's instrumentation and individual player proficiencies. Discounts offered to all participants.
3:00 PM

The LungTrainers Experience: Student Breathing at Work

Presented by LungTrainers
The LungTrainer is a device that teaches and improves diaphragmatic breathing in beginners through advanced musicians. Band and choral directors as well as studio teachers throughout the country have been using the LungTrainer and realizing significant improvement in their students' breath support, control, and overall air capacity. Come and learn from colleagues who have incorporated the LungTrainer into their music curriculum and how you can too!
4:30 PM

Just Intonation: Teach Your Band to HEAR and PLAY Better in Tune

Presented by Yamaha Corporation of America
Playing perfectly in tune requires more than just a tuner! Setting the length of the tuning slide, neck or mouthpiece or string simply minimizes the amount of adjustments the students need to make. However, literally every note they play will need to be adjusted to some degree. The skill of LISTENING and ADJUSTING while playing is the mark of all great musicians, and can be developed and improved by of any age by tuning against a drone. The ability of the drone to switch between equal temperament and just intonation provides a listening environment more applicable to ensemble performance for the students. Attendees will witness the demonstration of seven different exercises to help their students develop their listening skills while matching pitch with the drone.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Time Session Title Presenter
8:30 AM

Successful Brass Instruction, Don’t Overthink It! Basic, Straightforward, Simple Ideas and Practices (Especially for Non-Brass Players Teaching Brass)

Presented by St. Louis Music
Instructional practices of brass instruments have changed over time while always being grounded in an important, proven, set of best practices. In this session, Dye will identify key, simple, instructional tips and also present numerous strategies for each instrument that are more nontraditional. All will be applicable to teaching brass instruments, especially in beginner and remedial settings. There will be opportunities for hands on participation and discussion. Attendees will leave with a renew perspective and confidence in making brass instructional decisions that set students up for optimal success!
10:00 AM

Breezin' Thru Theory Hands-On: The Next Gen Way!

Presented by Breezin' Thru Inc.
Bring your own device & see why Breezin' thru Theory Next Gen is a resounding 'thumbs up' with students & teachers. Experience for yourself how it engages students, saves time, & builds mastery fast: at home, even on the bus! Get tips on how teachers use it in their programs with success & ease: Online, any device. 18 chapters of scaffolded content, curriculum aligned for 4th-12th grade.
11:30 AM

Noteflight Marketplace: Buy and Sell Music Notation Online

Presented by Noteflight, a Hal Leonard Company
Compose and arrange music and sell as a digital notation file. Purchase music for your own ensemble and adapt and arrange as needed. Notetflight Marketplace changes the way we exchange digital music. This session will provide a thorough overview and truly amaze you!
1:00 PM

WindStars by Nuvo: An Exciting New Pre-Band Approach

Presented by Nuvo Instrumental
WindStars is a flexible pre-band and general music teaching method that can be adapted for any existing music program. The WindStars Methodology is a standards-based, whole child approach with a focus on providing engaging and joyful musical experiences, while also teaching relevant instrumental skills that will accelerate progress once students move on to full sized band instruments. Nuvo instruments will be provided for attendees to actively participate in sample activities.
3:00 PM

Conn-Selmer: New Products and Educational Services

Presented by Conn-Selmer, Inc.
Conn-Selmer presents its key new products for music educators. Meet product experts from Conn-Selmer and find new resources for your band or orchestra room. See the new Ludwig Timpani, Musser Mallet percussion and more! In addition, Conn-Selmer's Division of Education will give an overview of available resources such as grant writing support, free inventory system and professional development support.
4:30 PM

Revolutionize Music Making and Recording Using Any Device

Presented by Soundtrap
'This session will discuss and demonstrate current technologies that offer places and spaces for learners to integrate creativity and musical interactions through performing, creating, responding and connecting to music.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Time Session Title Presenter
9:00 AM

What the Heck Are You Going to Do With Your Seniors?

Presented by
When upperclassmen parents start emailing your asking how you're going to get their child into college, what do you tell them? Get them off your back and keep ahead of future upperclassmen using a step-by-step system that reinforces what you've been teaching and reminds families what they need to do. changes the rules on how students are discovered and rewarded.
10:30 AM

Band and Orchestra Instrument Petting Zoo

Presented by D'Addario
Come get your hands on the newest and greatest instruments and accessories for band and orchestra. Participants will receive their choice of a free percussion, woodwind, or orchestral string accessory.
12:00 AM

Dorico - The Future of Scoring by Steinberg

Presented by Yamaha Corporation of America
Dorico by Steinberg offers a fresh approach to creating beautiful scores with ease. Learn how to quickly input scores, arrange parts, and work with percussion, symbols and lyrics, in the most musical way. Dorico's workflow overcomes frustration in other programs.
1:30 PM

Crowdsource Fundraising with

Presented by Woodwind & Brasswind
Discussion of crowdsource fundraising website called which is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Public school teachers can create a project for free and anyone can search through the projects and donate any amount to any project. has been around since 2000 and is a trusted and secure way for anyone to donate to school students. Presentation will include a walk-through of how to create a project and include tips for success on how to get your project funded.
3:00 PM

3 Steps to Better Sight Reading with SmartMusic

Presented by MakeMusic, Inc.
When your students are better sight readers, everything about their playing improves. In this session, you'll take a deep dive into SmartMusic's new Sight Reading builder and learn how you can create an unlimited library of exercises customized for your students' progress as they become expert sight readers.
4:30 PM

Audio Tools to Take Your Performance to the Next Level

Presented by Yamaha Corporation of America
Overview of our Digital Mixer and Loudspeaker Lines