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December, 19, 2022
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM




High School Percussion Ensemble


Conductor Thumb
Peter Repp



Performer Details

Performer Bio Synopsis

Students audition for the opportunity to play percussion and participate in the Rockwood Summit percussion program in the spring of fifth grade. Through an audition/screening process, 10-12 fifth grade students are selected for the beginning (sixth grade) percussion class each year. Sixth grade percussionists at Rockwood South Middle School meet daily as a percussion class, most often separately from the woodwind and brass classes. Beginning in seventh grade, percussionists at Rockwood South continue to meet in daily percussion class with Mr. Repp, and also have the opportunity to participate in the middle school jazz band on drum set, vibraphone, or as an auxiliary percussionist. Seventh and eighth grade percussionists are invited to participate in the Rockwood South “Middle School Drumline” (MSDL) each spring semester. Middle school percussion classes all perform in Rockwood South Band concerts throughout the school year. Additionally, each middle school percussion class performs as a percussion ensemble at the annual “Night of Percussion” concert each spring. At the high school level, Rockwood Summit percussionists are divided into three classes each fall - “battery” class (marching band), “front ensemble” class (marching band), as well as a fall concert percussion class for students who do not choose to participate in the marching band. In the spring, all high school percussionists are divided (by audition) into two concert band classes - the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band. RSHS percussionists perform with their concert band throughout the year, as well as being separated into a variety of percussion ensembles which perform at the annual “Night of Percussion” concert.! In addition to marching band, concert bands, and percussion ensembles, high school percussionists at Rockwood Summit have the opportunity to participate in the High School Jazz Band which meets before school (“zero hour”) four days per week, the pep band which performs at basketball games throughout the winter, and a “Blacklight Drumline” which is featured annually at the school’s “Academic Pep Assembly,” and typically serves as the closing act to the annual “Night of Percussion” concert.

Rockwood Summit High School Percussion Ensemble

Conductor's Bio

Peter Repp is in his seventh year as the Director of Percussion at both Rockwood South Middle School and Rockwood Summit High School. At Rockwood South, he teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Percussion classes daily while also assisting with the middle school jazz band program. Each spring, Peter also leads the Rockwood South "Middle School Drumline". At the high school, Peter leads the marching band percussion sections which meet during the fall semester. Additionally, he oversees the fall concert band (non-marching) percussion section. During the spring semester, Peter teaches the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band percussion sections, while also leading a variety of concert percussion ensembles which perform at the annual percussion concert. Finally, the Rockwood Summit "Blacklight Drumline", led by Repp, rehearses weekly in the evenings during the spring semester to put together a blacklight drumline show which performs at the school's "Academic Pep Assembly" each year, and which typically serves as the closing act to the annual "Night of Percussion" concert. Why I do it: Growing up in the Lindbergh School District (St. Louis, MO), I was fortunate to have some of the best teachers I'll ever meet at a very young age and they had a huge influence on me. In seventh grade, I can recall noticing and thinking about how cool Mr. (Dan) Arana's job was. He appeared to have so much fun every day and got to drum with students for a living! In that moment, I decided I wanted to do what he did - and I haven't ever looked back. I'm so grateful to Mr. Arana for inspiring me to do this. It's been such a rewarding and fun way to make a living! Seeing students perform (like I get to do today) is indescribably gratifying.