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Applications to perform or to propose a clinic at the 68th Annual Midwest Clinic are now available!

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2011 Performing Organizations

The performers are subject to change.


Claughton Middle School Symphonic Band
Ogechi Ukazu, Conductor
Houston, Texas 

Cobb Wind Symphony
Alfred Watkins, Conductor
Marietta, Georgia 

Creekview High School Wind Symphony
Preston Hazzard, Conductor
Carrollton, Texas 

Cross Timbers Middle School Honors Band
Asa Burk, Conductor
Grapevine, Texas 

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Wind Symphony
Shawn Barat, Conductor
Jacksonville, Florida 

Farmington Junior High Symphonic Band
Heath Wolf, Conductor
Farmington, Utah 

Kunitachi College of Music Blasorchester
Toru Miura, Conductor
Tachikawa-City, Tokyo JAPAN

L.V. Berkner High School Symphonic Band I
Frank Troyka, Conductor
Richardson, Texas 

Lakota West Symphonic Winds
Gregory Snyder, Conductor
West Chester, Ohio 

Northshore Concert Band
Mallory Thompson, Conductor
Evanston, Illinois 

Springdale Har-Ber High School Wind Symphony
Jeremy Ford, Conductor
Springdale, Arkansas 

The Air National Guard Band of the Midwest
Major Bryan Miller, Conductor
Peoria, Illinois 

The United States Army Band "Pershing's Own"
Col. Thomas Palmatier, Conductor
Washington, D.C. 

VanderCook College of Music Symphonic Band
Charles T. Menghini, Conductor
Chicago, Illinois 



Beckendorff Junior High Symphony Orchestra
Matthew Porter and Susan Steber, Conductors
Katy, Texas 

Bothell High School Chamber Orchestra
Philip Dean, Conductor
Bothell, Washington 

Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras
Allen Tinkham, Conductor
Chicago, Illinois 

Iolani School Orchestra
Katharine Hafner and Joan Wehrman, Conductors
Honolulu, Hawaii 

James E. Taylor High School Symphony Orchestra
George Englemann, Chris Bailey, and George Liverman, Conductors
Katy, Texas 

Rapid City Central High School Chamber Orchestra
Bruce Knowles, Conductor
Rapid City, South Dakota 

Robinson Middle School Orchestra
Laura Carpenter, Conductor
Wichita, Kansas 

Symphony Orchestra of Shanghai Nan Yang Model High School
Wang Yong Ji, Conductor
Shanghai, Zhabei District CHINA

ViBravo String Ensemble (Clayton Honors Orchestra)
Jan Davis, Conductor
Clayton, Missouri 


Jazz Ensembles


Downers Grove South High School Jazz Ensemble
Craig Roselieb, Director
Downers Grove, Illinois 

Midwest Young Artists Big Band
Chris Madsen, Director
Highwood, Illinois 

Mountain View High School Jazz Ensemble I
Sam Ormson, Director
Vancouver, Washington 

St. Charles North High School Jazz Ensemble
John Wojciechowski and Jim Stombres, Directors
St. Charles, Illinois 

The Jazz Ambassadors of The United States Army Field Band
Chief Warrant Officer Gordon K. Kippola, Director
Ft. Meade, Maryland 

University of Illinois Concert Jazz Band
Chip McNeill, Director
Urbana, Illinois 

University of Nevada Las Vegas Jazz Ensemble I
David Loeb, Director
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Western Michigan University Jazz Orchestra
Scott Cowan, Director
Kalamazoo, Michigan 


Small Ensembles


Boston Brass
Northboro, Massachusetts 

Cedar Park Middle School Saxophone Ensemble
Manuel C. San Luis, Director
Cedar Park, Texas 

Chicago Brass Band
Colin Holman, Director
Chicago, Illinois 

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Central Band "The Japan Tubists"
Col. Akira Takeda, Director
Nerima-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

Lassiter High School Percussion Ensemble
Mike Lynch, Director
Marietta, Georgia 

Schindewolf/Strack Intermediate Percussion Ensemble
Lamar Burkhalter, Director
Spring, Texas 

The United States Army Band Chamber Ensemble
Col. Thomas Palmatier, Director
Washington, D.C. 

University of Missouri Bassoon Ensemble
Rodney Ackmann, Director
Columbia, Missouri 

Congratulations to all the performers! Here, we share some of their reactions to being invited to appear at The 2011 Midwest Clinic.

"It took quite a few read-throughs of the invitation email to process what was actually happening. I then jumped out of my chair and told just about every one I could tell. What else do you do when something this incredible occurs? Post it on Facebook of course! Dozens of "like" and comment notifications later, I am still in some disbelief over what we will be spending the next 7 months working towards. A thousand thanks to The Midwest Board! We'll see you in December!"
Ogechi Ukazu, Director, Claughton Middle School Symphonic Band, Houston, TX

"I received the official Midwest Clinic invitation on Monday, April 4th, just hours before rehearsing the University of Missouri Bassoon Ensemble. I was ecstatic with the news of course, and couldn't wait to share it with my students. The timing could not have been more perfect. Later that afternoon, I made the announcement to the Ensemble with tears of joy and pride in my eyes for their achievement. They too, were overwhelmed with the wonderful news!!! We are grateful for this honor and eager to perform for the distinguished Midwest Clinic audience."
Rodney Ackmann, Assistant Professor of Bassoons, University of Missouri Bassoon Ensemble, Columbia, MO

"Knowing the prestige of The Midwest Clinic, I was elated and ecstatic to read the acceptance email. I immediately called my wife and staff to let them know and they shared the same enthusiasm as I did. I called a special meeting for percussion at the schools and all the kids entered nervously and silent. As I read aloud the first sentences, they broke out in applause and silly grins. Since the announcement, our community and district have been educated as to the importance and significance of The Midwest Clinic. Our students, parents, teachers and administrators share in my excitement about performing at The Midwest Clinic."
Lamar Burkhalter, Music Director, Schindewolf/Strack Intermediate Percussion Ensemble, Spring, TX

"There's no competition, no prize or trophy, that creates a greater desire to strive for musical excellence than to be invited to perform at 'The Midwest.'"
Frank Troyka, Director, L.V. Berkner High School Band, Richardson, TX

"I'm so proud of the job we did and to be able to give this opportunity to the underclassmen who will get to perform in our absence."
Jonathan Villela, Senior Saxophone, L.V. Berkner High School Band, Richardson, TX

"It's great to make Region. Even better to make State. But we just made World!"
Garrett Lindholm, Senior Trumpet, L.V. Berkner High School Band, Richardson, TX

"I went from zero to thrilled in about 3 seconds when we received the invitation to perform at Midwest. I quickly hit print and ran to share the news with my assistant. By the time I flew down the hall and shared the news with the principal I was completely of breath. I immediately sent an email inviting the Honors Band parents to class that day to ‘share the moment' with their kids for a major announcement. At the end of that day's rehearsal the kids were quite confused as their parents filed into the band hall. When I made the announcement, the room erupted in cheers and applause. This was one day the kids were not in a hurry to leave quickly for lunch."
Asa Burk, Director of Bands, Cross Timbers Middle School Honors Band, Grapevine, TX

"My first reaction was how thrilled I am to be going back to Midwest for the third time! There has been no greater thrill in my entire career than to perform for the Midwest audience. Next, I reflected on how proud I am of this year's seniors. I wish they would be making the trip with us, but I know next year's students will, with great eagerness and tenacity, step up to the plate. My role would be to paint a picture for the students, and their parents, as to how magnificent this once-in-a lifetime affair will be. In the next moments, my mind began to reel with the daunting task of selecting the perfect music for the perfect program, to piece together the intricate Midwest puzzle of classifications, publishers and composers."
Gregory Snyder, Director, Lakota West Symphonic Winds, West Chester, OH

"It was spring break and my wife was driving as I was headed to Central Washington University to sit in on a rehearsal of my old college wind ensemble. I was checking my email on my phone to keep myself from having a huge pile of unread emails when I came back to school. I had just finished and was putting my phone away when the screen refreshed and there was the email from "The Midwest Clinic." My pulse shot up to about 180 as I scrambled to open the email. When I realized that the band had been invited, there was elation at the success and excitment for the kids. That feeling was quickly replaced with the apprehension of having to pick music and get all of the details in place for a successful trip. I was wishing I could have the jazz band rehearse right at that moment! The kids cheered on Monday morning when I told them that we had been invited. The next week was a non-stop chorus of "We're going to Chicago!"
Sam Omson, Director, Mountain View High School Jazz Ensemble I, Vancouver, WA

"Finding out that we had been invited to perform at the 2011 Midwest Clinic was the culmination of a year-long journey for our ensemble. After submitting an application and not being asked to appear at the 2010 Clinic, we turned disappointment into determination to reach our goal. We worked harder on this year's audition and were more critical of ourselves during the rehearsal and recording process. When the acceptance email arrived, we were thrilled and proud of having reached our goal; and in that was a good lesson for our students about perseverance, hard work and achievement. Our planning for December has already started, and we are excited about the opportunity to perform in front of the world's best music educators!"
Shawn Barat, Director, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Wind Symphony, Jacksonville, FL

"I was at a neighboring high school doing a clinic when I received the email. Words cannot express the rush of emotions that I felt at that moment. I was so proud of our students and honored that our community would be represented at the Midwest-an organization that has impacted my personal and professional life beyond words. I immediately called my principal and executive director of fine arts, who pulled the students out of class for me right then. One of the most memorable moments in my life will always be getting to share this moment with my students. Tears of joy are a great thing!"
Preston Hazzard, Director of Bands, Creekview High School Wind Symphony, Carrollton, TX

"How exciting! What a wonderful opportunity for such a well deserving ensemble to perform at one of the greatest venues anywhere."

Jan Davis, Director, ViBravo String Ensemble, Clayton, MO

"I had been "nervous", for lack of a better term, in the days leading up to finding out that we had been accepted to perform at The Midwest Clinic this year. The students had worked so hard...we actually missed 10 days of school during the month leading up to the Midwest application deadline because of record-setting snowfall and ice in northwest Arkansas. However, our students stayed late after school day after day to prepare the best recording possible, and I really wanted their great effort to be rewarded.

"I was actually sitting down at my desk to handle a rather unpleasant phone call (we all have those from time to time, right?) when I clicked refresh on my e-mail, screamed like a 5th grade girl, and ran full-speed to my assistant's office. Pure joy, elation, and a huge sense of responsibility overwhelmed the two of us...and those feelings are still present today as we make preparations for a memorable Midwest Clinic 2011."

Jeremy Ford, Director, Springdale Har-Ber High School Wind Ensemble, Springdale, AR

"My first reaction to the invitation to perform was shock. I had been told by directors who had previously performed at the Midwest Clinic that the invitation would come via email on Saturday or Sunday. When Monday morning arrived and we had not received an invitation I was resigned to the fact that we had not been invited. When the invitation to perform came on Monday afternoon I was literally speechless. The sad part was that we had just started a week long spring break and I desperately wanted to tell my kids."
Heath Wolf, Director, Farmington Junior High School Symphonic Band, Farmington, UT

The Midwest Clinic encourages you to apply to appear at a future conference. Each November, performance applications and clinic proposal forms become available on this website. They are due the following March. Good luck to all the applicants!