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An all-day event for the next generation of music educators

Helping students explore a future in music education, The Midwest Clinic’s High School Institute amplifies the many opportunities high school students have to learn and grow alongside peers interested in a similar career path.

The High School Institute (HSI) is designed for your STUDENT LEADERS!!

A smaller group of SELECT STUDENT LEADERS creates more possibilities of developing a collective synergy that will have a lasting imprint on their own future and those they will be working with along the way. This is not about CONVINCING PEOPLE TO BECOME LEADERS, but rather SERIOUS TRAINING FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY CHOSEN TO BE LEADERS. Even though this is a one-day workshop, it is going to be incredibly fast moving and it will require complete “buy-in” from the get-go.

Primarily 11th and 12th graders should be the make-up of the workshop. These should be students who already demonstrate a high degree of positive participation, proactive role models, and those who exemplify a healthy open-minded attitude. We are going to DIG MUCH DEEPER than we have in the past, and there will not be any room for those who might be timid or ambivalent. 
We are asking the directors/teachers/sponsors to select the candidates with this consideration, “WHO IS REALLY READY TO TAKE ON THIS IMPORTANT TASK?” It would be unfair to a student to be in the group if they did not bring to the table a sense of personal maturity and the desire to serve others as the foundation to their leadership spirit. 

It is a privilege and an honor to have this event to remind all the young performers about the priceless benefits garnered from being a key member of a musical ensemble, and the importance of their commitment-and-dedication to achieve their given goal.    
This year, the High School Institute will take place on Thursday, December 19th, in the middle of The Midwest Clinic’s annual band and orchestra conference from December 18-21, 2019. Happening in the heart of Downtown Chicago, the $25 event with limited enrollment is perfect for students anywhere, but especially those living in the Great Lakes region — including Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Minnesota — to make a quick trip.

Packing in everything from leadership training sessions and exhibit hall time to live band and orchestra performances with fellow attendees, the day’s action-packed schedule gives students a glimpse of what life is like as a music major and educator. The day is followed by exclusive evening concerts and College Night, where attendees are invited to get helpful information about university music programs.

Music conductor with baton Information For Music Teachers and Administrators Band and orchestra directors are encouraged to invite and register those students in their program that are considering a career in music education. This exclusive event has limited enrollment, ensuring each student enjoys special attention.
Man playing trumpet. Details for Students/Future Music Educators
Bringing together students with similar passions, the High School Institute is the perfect catalyst for a bright future as a music educator. See what you have to look forward to during the fifth year of this one-of-a-kind event.


Don’t simply take our word for it . . . here’s what some of our past participants had to say:

"The High School Institute is an incredible opportunity to connect with other students who have the same passions as you and who may be your colleagues one day! The program also gives you a realistic picture of what your future could look like as a music educator and equips you with tools to pursue that dream.”
- Jenna D.

"This was my second year, and everything that Dr. Tim (Lautzenheiser) has said the past two years has really changed not only who I am and my goals but who I aspire to be tomorrow and for the future. Thanks High School Institute. You totally changed my life!"
- Amanda P.

"Today I realized just how big of an impact my music educators have had on me. Personally, it makes me happy to think about, and I would love to have the same impact on someone!"
- Luke V.

"One of the most enriching experiences of my entire life. The community and experiences that I encountered not only reaffirmed my wish to educate but made me wish to be nothing less than the best teacher and inspiration I can be."
- Kiersten R.

"A lot of the clinics and exhibits here were phenomenal. I think it helped me understand more of what being a leader is, and I feel more confident in myself after this experience."

- Sara M.

"Today I saw and was a part of one of the greatest experiences I possibly could ever have. It allowed me to take a deep look at myself and realize just how much better I could be."

- Tyler W.

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The Midwest Clinic’s High School Institute seeks to encourage student musicians as they consider a career in education. If you have any questions about our program, please contact us via email at