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Mark Kjos

Has Attended the Midwest Clinic:  Excluding visits as a baby or child with my father, I first attended as a company representative in 1985. Since then I’ve attended every year since 1990.

Joined the Board of Directors in:  1998

A Life in Music: I studied piano, cello, and euphonium in my school years. During that time I spent many summers at music camp (Interlochen; Isomata); spent a year at the Interlochen Arts Academy; and played in the San Diego State Brass Choir as a high school student. Upon entering St. Olaf College I broke my father’s heart when I chose an Economics Major and the soccer team over a Music Major and the band. As part of the Kjos family I’ve spent virtually my entire life working at the Neil A. Kjos Music Company in every capacity, serving as President since 1997.

Favorite Midwest Moments:  The companionship, camaraderie, and meeting old and new friends is at the top of the list. I always find the final Saturday concert moving, both because of the caliber of the groups, and because it’s the last concert of the week and a wonderful time to reflect on another wonderful Midwest experience.

Hopes for Midwest Clinic Attendees: Above all I hope they return to the classroom energized, enthused, and loaded with new ideas and teaching techniques. Music Education is a noble profession, and there is no other event in any industry that I know of that fosters collaboration and community like the Midwest Clinic does for band and orchestra directors.

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