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The Midwest Clinic is made up of a diverse attendee population, with individuals representing all 50 United States and over 30 countries. Because educational licensure and continuing education requirements differ in each state, Midwest does not have the capacity to be a nationwide professional development provider. However, Midwest does scan attendees at the beginning of each event so that they may have a record of their attendance throughout conference. 

Following the conclusion of the conference, an email will be sent with your Midwest session attendance record. Attendees can submit this document to their state board of education or school district for professional development credit (if applicable).  Please note, only Professional and College Student Registration types are eligible to receive the certificate listing sessions and hours completed.

Attendees will not be scanned at the exhibit hall. A ‘session’ is defined as a concert, clinic, chat room, reading session, or rehearsal lab. 

Remember: Make sure to be scanned at the beginning of each session you attend. 


ISBE 77-21A (Evaluation for Workshop/Conference/Seminar, Etc.)

ISBE 77-21B (Evidence of Completion for Professional Development)

ISBE 73-58 (Approved Professional Development Provider Activity Summary)

In order for professional development to count for licensure renewal, it must be taken from an Illinois approved provider of professional development. A list of providers can be found at:

Entities that do not appear on this list are not Illinois state-approved professional development providers. Illinois educators who wish to complete professional development offered by an unapproved provider should seek approval from an Illinois state-approved professional development provider (ex: An Illinois school district or Regional Office of Education) prior to registering for, paying for, or attending an activity. While Illinois state-approved professional development providers have authorization to collaborate with unapproved third-party professional development providers, they do so at their sole discretion.

It is at the discretion of the Illinois approved provider if they allow a 3rd party to offer PD under their auspices. There are forms that would need to be completed for this process.