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Beginning in 2016, The Midwest Clinic launched a new performance application category for high schools with a total school enrollment of 650 or fewer students. Referred to as ‘Small School,' this initiative is designed to recognize those instrumental ensembles that perform quality repertoire of high artistic merit. 

Guidelines are as follows:

- High school ensembles only (band, orchestra, or jazz).
- Total school population must not exceed 650 students. Your submission of an application for consideration signifies that both the school administrator and director understand this requirement. The Midwest Clinic will also verify enrollment by contacting the school district directly. If the ensemble is accepted it will be predicated on meeting this requirement.
- Repertoire requirements for a Small School application will be the same as any other ensemble category. The music performed on your application recording should be of the highest quality and of a level appropriate for the ensemble.
- The Midwest Clinic Board of Directors selects any ensemble based on the highest performance standards. Therefore it is possible that there is a year when a small school ensemble is not invited to perform (as is the case in any performance category).
- Any Small School ensemble that is invited to perform will be subject to specific programming rules for that category. These rules will be distributed following acceptance of an invitation to perform at The Midwest Clinic.
- All rules and guidelines (minus programming) detailed within the performance application are applicable to any Small School ensemble.


For more information on applying to perform, please visit our Performance Application FAQS page.