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McCormick Place Covid-19 Response Plan

2021 is here and Chicago has been diligently preparing for the re-opening of our city and McCormick Place. The City of Chicago and State of Illinois’ number one goal has been and will continue to be the health of our residents and visitors.
With this in mind, Choose Chicago and McCormick Place have produced a digital, interactive journey called Healthy Meetings Chicago. The Healthy Meetings Chicago Journey details the new health and safety procedures our city and partners have implemented to combat the COVID-19 virus. This experience starts as one of our meetings’ attendees or exhibitors journey would start – on an airplane and at one of Chicago’s two international airports, O’Hare and Midway Airports – and continues to the McCormick Place Campus where new health and sanitation measures, air filtration, food safety, etc. are reviewed for Campus Hotels and McCormick Place Buildings via hotspots featuring photography, film and voiceover. Our interactive journey ends with hotspots detailing networking events, restaurants and Chicago’s many unique, diverse neighborhoods and attractions.
It is important to note this is Phase 1 of Healthy Meetings Chicago. We will continue to update this interactive, digital tool as we progress through the COVID-19 recovery.

About McCormick Place West

In May, 2010, The Midwest Clinic was pleased by the passage of a new law meant to reform labor rules and established new exhibitor rights at McCormick Place. On August 1, 2010, several important new policies were implemented. McCormick Place staff explained that the changes allow exhibitors to complete work that previously required the hiring of union labor. Detailed information about each item listed below can be found on the McCormick Place website.

• Standardized Straight Time, Overtime, and Double Time Provisions for all show work completed by workers represented by the following labor unions:

• Electricians
• Plumbers
• Carpenters
• Decorators
• Riggers
• Teamsters

Expanded Exhibitor Rights which allow exhibitors or their full-time employees to complete a wide range of tasks which were previously prohibited. The rights are extended to all exhibitors regardless of the size of their booth.

• Significant changes to Focus One operations including a new name (Exhibitor and Technical Services) and changes to pricing and service delivery.

• New pricing plans for banquet services, and cash sales provided by Chicago Restaurant Partners.

McCormick Place West provides important services to Midwest Clinic Exhibitors:

• Automobile and Small Utility Vehicle  (ASUV) program that allows exhibitors to deliver, unload, and reload certain exhibits, equipment, and materials without paid assistance. Download the following for more information:

           ASUV policy

• See services provided by FedEx Office, located in McCormick Place West.

• Read more about Recycling and Sustainability at McCormick Place West.

• Join us at McCormick Place West.