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Eligibility Requirements for Publishers


In order for a publisher to be considered “Eligible” to have a piece performed at The Midwest Clinic, they must either be an exhibitor for that year’s conference or purchase an advertising sponsorship for the program book. 


Publishers who purchase a Digital Program Book Sponsorship are allowed to have up to two (2) pieces performed at the conference.  Additional pieces may be performed for an additional $150 per selection. 


Exhibiting publishers may have an unlimited number of pieces performed at the conference.


On both the exhibitor and sponsorship contracts, there is a field to identify if your organization is a publishing company.  Once your contract is complete, the Midwest Clinic office will add your name to a list of eligible publishers that is distributed to performing ensemble directors. 


If your company represents multiple publishers, it is your responsibility to notify The Midwest Clinic Office ([email protected]) so all companies are listed as eligible.  




Directors typically give preference to companies that are listed on the eligible list.  This ensures the pieces they program won’t be removed after the final submission deadline due to publisher ineligibility complications. 


Programming Rules vary for each ensemble.  For a complete list of programming rules for each ensemble, please see below.




Below is the programming timeline for your reference as well. 


  • May 1 – Performer Information sent to Eligible Publishers 
  • May 8 – Directors may reserve up to 6 pieces
  • May 22 – Directors may reserve up to 18 pieces
  • June 12 - 19  – Music Confirmation 1 (Directors start refining their program)
  • July 17 - 24 – Music Confirmation 2 (Directors refine program further)
  • September 13 – Final  programs due to the Midwest Clinic Office (All publishers must be eligible by this deadline)


Once all ensembles have been confirmed, we will send each registered publisher a list of the ensembles with their contact information.  Typically, directors do the bulk of their programming in April and May.  It is customary for publishers to send sample copies of pieces they would like directors to consider during that window. 


***All publisher communications will be sent to the primary contact listed on the exhibiting/sponsorship contract.