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Meet Rachel Howley

Rachel Howley is Australia’s Changemaker Conductor. It is no secret to those who know her that she loves a good spreadsheet. This same insatiable love of detail and inquisitiveness for uncovering connections has made her one of Australia’s most sought-after conductors, educators and clinicians for elite youth musicians. Her decisively authentic and collaborative approach to music-making is highlighted by her innate ability to create extraordinary learning moments and connections among the seemingly ordinary. Her relational manner on the podium draws together players into a common musical goal, and like a well set-up spreadsheet, the clarity of performance is a testament to the depth of communication between players, the conductor and the music. Fascinated by bold musical colours, sublime emotional connection and musical storytelling, Rachel uses her art to create change. She unapologetically works towards a more richly diverse and inclusive future where voices from all backgrounds and walks of life can be heard and valued.

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