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Mr. Ebert is a peculiar man you could say, but he is very good at what he does. He directs the Cuthbertson Blue Note Winds, in other words, my high school band. I have been in the band program since the beginning of school in August. Mr. Ebert does so much for us everyday. He never stops working with us to improve the band and push us to the next level. This year alone we had been invited to the North Carolina Music Education Association convention in Winston Salem. When we had finished the convention and returned back to school the week after; he gave me the reason for writing this tribute, he said to us, now that we have done convention can we sit back and relax for a bit? No way. He passed out new music for us to sight read and I couldn’t believe my eyes, Lincolnshire Posy, the crown jewel of Grainger. We have a very good band here at Cuthbertson and Mr. Ebert thought we were ready for the masterwork of Percy Grainger. This is why I write this tribute to him, for thanks and praise. He deserves it for the amount of time and effort he has put into us and I look up to him as a mentor and always will. He has inspired me to be like him and pursue music professionally. Thank you Mr. Ebert for being you.
Bryan Griffin
Bass trombonist and freshman in the Cuthbertson Blue Note Winds
Cuthbertson high school
Waxhaw, NC