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Posted on: 12/24/2006

As I entered the band room at Mohave High School in Bullhead City, AZ in 1980, Mr. Sullivan was there to greet me and to hear me play. He asked me to play a Bb scale, so I played a very loud Bb and stopped. He was waiting for me to continue. But I didn't. He asked me to continue to play the scale, and I looked at him with a look of confusion...and said, "What's a scale?" He knew at this point he certainly had his work cut out for him and so did I. Here I was very excited about playing trombone since I was 9 and not knowing anything but a Bb...He could have been one to tell me to pack up my horn and take woodshop....But he didn't...instead he showed me what I needed to do with love, patience, and persistence, like we all should do with our students, and guided me through the next four years and beyond. After almost 30 years of mentoring and friendship taking me from student to colleague...It is because of Tom Sullivan, that I am a who I have become dream to give back....a Music Educator.

Tribute submitted by:
Patty Thayer
DIrector of Bands
LDAA and Excelsior Ed Center
Hesperia, California