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1. Unedited audio recordings (NOT to exceed 30 minutes in length), including the following:
Chamber & Percussion Ensembles:  Two selections of contrasting styles
Concert Band:  One symphonic selection (overture, tone poem, etc.) and one concert march (see list)
String or Chamber Orchestra: Two contrasting selections representing different historical periods, styles, and tempi (no solo repertoire/concerti)
Full Orchestra: Two selections contrasting historical periods, styles, and tempi (no solo repertoire/concerti) – one selection must be written for string orchestra 
Jazz Ensemble or Jazz Combo: Three selections in contrasting styles. Include no more than one work by any one composer or arranger. Middle schools graduating 75% or more of its members before December are encouraged to include one additional piece (audio and video recordings) performed by your second ensemble, if one exists.


2. A video of your ensemble performing the same music as on the audio recording (Must be a complete, unedited performance or rehearsal of the audio titles, though need not be of the same performance or rehearsal). For band and orchestra, the camera should be set in a location which allows the committee a front view of conductor’s gestures, posture, and also a view of the musicians.  For jazz, the camera should be set in front of the stage, showing a rear-view of the director.  The maximum acceptable file size for a video is 500 MB.  Any file larger than that will not upload.  Click here for a short video on how to compress a video file.

3. A roster of your current ensemble, including instrumentation.  Indicate with an asterisk the players who will be leaving your ensemble prior to December 2022. Adult/Community Ensembles: please include the occupation of each ensemble member next to their name on the roster.

4. Three evaluations from prominent directors who have worked with or heard your ensemble within the last year. Members of The Midwest Clinic Board of Directors are not eligible to submit evaluations. These forms must be sent directly to the Midwest Clinic office by 5:00 pm (CST), Friday, March 18, 2022.  The evaluation form MUST be sent electronically to the Midwest offices via the link and code provided to the evaluator. Emailed or faxed evaluations will NOT be accepted.

5. With your application, please upload a high resolution photo of yourself at least 1 MB or larger. Midwest will not accept photographs that are sent electronically to our office.

6. Also, please upload three (3) concert programs for your ensemble from the last two years.  Programs should be in pdf format.

7. By submitting your application, you and your school officials are indicating acceptance of the policies set forth in this application, including your school's/government's commitment to support your appearance if your application is accepted.

8. Directors of the ensembles invited to perform at Midwest are required to attend a planning meeting to be held in Chicago on Saturday, June 11, 2022.  If you cannot attend this meeting, or cannot financially commit to performing (if selected) at the time of submitting this application, please do not apply.

9. The entire application process will be electronic so no documents should be sent to the Midwest offices.