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The Midwest Clinic Board of Directors is excited to again offer S.H.O.P (Short - Helpful - On Point) Talks,  presenting engaging information related to instrumental music education in under 20-minutes. These ‘talks’ will not replace the traditional 60-minute clinic session offered at The Midwest Clinic but rather seek to enhance our already established clinic session format. Allowing the presenter to deliver specific yet succinct information to the audience, S.H.O.P. Talks is designed to offer an exciting and refreshing forum of pragmatic information. Midwest will join together two S.H.O.P. Talk sessions (topics most likely will not be related) per one hour time slot, with individual talk's lasting no more than 20-minutes.This will provide an opportunity to present diverse offerings within a 60-minute time slot as well as give a bit a pause between each S.H.O.P Talk.  If you have an innovative topic that you feel you can speak about in passionate and relatively brief manner, please consider sharing your proposal via our online clinic application system.