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Baptist College of Ministry Concert Chamber Strings

  • Acclaimed for their invigorating, innovative, and inspiring performances, the Baptist College of Ministry Concert Chamber Strings makes up the core of the performing ensembles in the Falls Baptist Music School. Following the Orpheus model, the Concert Chamber Strings enjoys collaborating together as they work toward excellence in every aspect of their ensemble. Founded in 2006, under the adjunct coaching of Wyatt Sutherland, the Chamber Strings has developed into three levels of ensembles. Falls Baptist Music School students as young as third grade are trained in this system following the example of the Concert Chamber Strings. As these students work together, they have learned to value each player as a vital member of the team. The significant feature of this group is the personal responsibility and accountability placed on each individual to know his part, understand the score, and to respond with useful feedback during rehearsals. As they rehearse, they are continually working toward mastering the art of listening to input from other team members while knowing when and how to make suggestions. This individual involvement and teamwork brings life and energy to every performance. Chamber Strings ensembles have performed at events for the Governor, including the inauguration ceremony and performances at the Governor’s Residence. For the 2019-2020 season, the Concert Chamber Strings have been invited to accompany Milwaukee’s Bel Canto Chorus. They often perform at area events, conferences, and as the featured ensemble in concerts.
  • 12/21/2019 08:30 AM - 09:30 AM
  • Baptist College of Ministry Concert Chamber Strings
  • Elizabeth Zempel
  • Passionate about training the next generation of music leaders, Elizabeth Zempel has implemented a process for developing this leadership in her students. As the director of the Falls Baptist Music School and professor at Baptist College of Ministry in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Elizabeth has built an organization that fosters this vision. Elizabeth grew up in a musical home, and has performed with her five siblings all across the country. They have produced many recordings together, some of them featuring Elizabeth’s own students. Elizabeth studied with renowned pedagogy, Mimi Zweig. She won multiple performance awards in High School and was concertmaster of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. After earning her bachelors in music, she received her master’s degree in violin performance at Indiana University. Elizabeth currently teaches at the Indiana University Summer String Academy and Violin and Viola Teachers’ Retreat. Because of her work with her brother Wayne, a survivor of a childhood brain tumor, Elizabeth developed a love for music education and character development in children. This led her to establish a music school over twenty years ago. Today, the music school hosts over two hundred private lessons, three string orchestras, a full orchestra, multiple same-instrument groups and a Music for Babes and Violin for Tots program. Elizabeth’s students have achieved much, including winning numerous performance competitions, performing at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago in 2010, and even establishing their own music programs in the USA and abroad. Since Elizabeth values genuine relationships and investing in lives, she finds satisfaction and joy in spending time with her husband Stephen and two sons, John and Christian.