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December, 22, 2023
05:30 PM - 06:30 PM




International High School Concert Band


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Takeshi Sone

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Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior & Senior High School was established in 2006 as a high school a?liated with Ritsumeikan Gakuen, based on Moriyama Municipal Moriyama Girls' High School, and located in Miyake-cho, Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, known for its ?re?ies. Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior & Senior High School Wind Band was founded in 2007, and practices daily under the motto of "good music”. They rehearse 2 times per week and individual parts practice by themselves or take lessons from professional players. The brass band actively participates in ceremonial performances on campus, as well as in local events requested by other schools, and engages in a wide range of ful?lling musical activities. The band has participated in the National Competition by JMECPS and the Kansai division of All Japan Wind Band Competition several times, and is one of best known band in the Kansai area. The band also holds a regular concert every March, the biggest performance of the year for them, which attracts so many people who came from all over Japan. On the band’s Christmas concert, they invited guest artist from Japan and overseas, conductors and soloist. 2022 Competition: Gold Prize at Shiga Prefectural Round All Japan Wind Band Competition, Gold Prize at 57th Shiga Prefectural Round All Japan Wind Band Competition, Bronze Award at 71st Kansai Division All Japan Wind Band Competition, Gold medal at 51st Shiga Prefecture Ensemble Contest (Clarinet Octet). Shiga Prefectural High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival, Voluntary concert, Fresh Concert Christmas Concert Regular Concert, Autumn Concert Content: A concert for children at a kindergarten in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture Commissioned Performance, Kihan Island Festa Bringing people of all ages to enjoy music at kihan Island Park in Shiga Prefecture, performed at Pieri Moriyama, a shopping mall in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture Corolla Festival at Kibogaoka, Shiga Prefecture On the ?rst day of the school festival, we performed at the Moriyama Citizen Hall next to the school. On the second day of the school festival, we performed in the courtyard of the schoolWe played a cheering performance for the American football club of Ritsumeikan Moriyama High School in the ?nal of the National High School Championship Shiga Prefecture Tournament. 2021 Bronze Award at 70st Kansai Division All Japan Wind Band Competition Gold Prize at 56th Shiga Prefectural Round All Japan Wind Band Competition Gold medal at 50st Shiga Prefecture Ensemble Contest. 2020 Shiga Prefecture High School Wind Band Summer Contest Best Performance Award Excellence, Award at the 26th Japan Wind Ensemble Contest National Convention Bronze medal at 47th Kansai Ensemble Contest advanced from Shiga prefecture Gold medal at 51st Shiga Prefecture Ensemble Contest (Sax Octet)

Ritsumeikan Moriyama High School Wind Band

Conductor's Bio

Takeshi Sone graduated Hieizan high school in Shiga where he join wind band club activity in school. That band was also won Wind band contest in Shiga, awarded silver medal and gold medal of Kansai (west area of Japan) when he was a member of band in 1994 and 1996. In 1997, He studied music major especially for Tuba and Wind band at Tokushima Bunri University. He also finished advanced course at Osaka College of Music for one year. As tubist, during he was college student, he was awarded prize at All Japan Classic Competition. After he finished advanced course he went to Munich, Germany to study tuba privately. And he participated International Tuba Euphonium Conference at Lahti, Finland. He played several professional groups such as Kyoto Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Breeze Brass Band, Euphonium Tuba Quartet [Tone] and amateur wind orchestras and orchestras. His teachers are Sigeo Takesada(retired Kyoto Symphony Orchestra), Robert Tucci(retired Bavarian State Opera), also he took private lessons by Gene Pokorny, Kyle Turner, Rex Martin, Warren Deck. In 2006, he worked for Kita-Otsu prefectural high school in Shiga, and he moved to Ritsumeikan Moriyama high school. When he came to Ritsumeikan Moriyama high school (Ritsumori) he founded wind band club activity. He makes Ritsumori wind band that is one of most famous band in Kansai area, they advanced wind band competition since 2016 and selected for national competition at Tokyo by JMECPS(Japan Musical Education and Culture Promotion Society) in 2013 and 2020. For Ensemble competition, they also awarded at National championship in 2017. Ritsumori wind band also invited from Agency of Cultural Affairs for their Wind Band Festival to perform in 2014, 2015 and 2021 as representative of Shiga prefecture. Under his connection and leadership, Ritsumori Wind Band invited numerous soloist for their concert as guest, such as Roger Bobo, Steven Mead, Misa Mead, Eric Miyashiro, Orita Nobotta, Eijirou Nakagawa, Yukko Miller, Yoichi Morishima. Also they do concerts more than 30 concerts at shopping mall, nursing homes and kindergarten etc. Also, Ritsumori Wind Band does four annual concert per year is First school band of such tremendous opportunity for members. Also All Japan High School Athletic Federation asked him and band to record their wind band version of Theme Song, and it will distribute to every high school in Japan. His former students are at music institution in Japan and U.S. and local teachers included. They are also creative and skillful teachers who were studied with him.

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Fuminori Osaki

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Misato Kokubu

Kazuhiro Nakamura