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Rhythm: How Can Something So Simple Be So Difficult to Teach?

Clinic Synopsis:

Based on an unshakable belief that students of all ages can confidently solve their own rhythm problems, this clinic shares some new, outside-the-box, visionary, classroom-proven teaching strategies that teachers can successfully implement immediately. Being able to spend less time teaching parts because students are able to independently read rhythms at sight allows teachers to spend significantly more time teaching MUSIC, rather than notes.

David Newell - Biographical Information

David Newell taught instrumental music in the Berea, Ohio public schools for thirty years, during which time he worked with more than thirty-five student teachers from both the Baldwin-Wallace and Oberlin College conservatories. Chosen as one of his school district's first Consulting Teachers, he was responsible for guiding new music teachers through a rigorous three-year mentoring process. In addition to the public schools, he also taught in the Music Education Department of the Baldwin-Wallace College Conservatory of Music for fifteen years. Since retiring from active teaching, Mr. Newell has published several books with the Neil A. Kjos Music Co., including Bach and Before for Band, Bach and Before for Strings, Classic Christmas Carols for Band (with optional Choir), The Simple Rhythmatician, and a new textbook entitled, Teaching Rhythm: New Strategies and Techniques for Success.