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Charles Gavin

Charles Gavin

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Horn Pedagogy 101: The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching the Horn

Clinic Synopsis:

Nuts and bolts are the basic components of even the most sophisticated machinery. Performance at any level on the horn must be grounded in fundamental principles and techniques. Topics include starting beginners and a methodical, systematic approach to teaching the four primary areas of horn pedagogy: Tone, flexibility, range and pattern/technique.

Charles Gavin - Biographical Information

Charles Gavin, Professor of Music, joined the faculty of the School of Music at Stephen F. Austin State University in 1984. He holds the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Iowa and a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. His students are enjoying careers in music education teaching beginning bands, award-winning high school bands, in the college studio and as conductors of professional orchestras. Four students now band directors in Texas have had their bands named State Honor Bands. As performers his students have distinguished themselves as winners in the MTNA Brass competition, the recording studios of Hollywood and other venues in the United State and Europe. He served two terms as Editor of the HIS Manuscript Press and is a Conn educational consultant exclusively performing on the Conn 11-D.