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Linda Hartley, Deborah Sheldon

Linda Hartley, Deborah Sheldon

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Women and Minorities in the Band Conducting Profession: Past, Present, and Future

Clinic Synopsis:

Historically, the presence of women and minorities in the band conducting profession has been in short supply. Is the 'brass ceiling' one which cannot be broken? Or is this discrepancy narrowing? Clinicians will reveal past and recent trends, and discuss related issues as they pertain to perceptions and experiences.

Linda Hartley, Deborah Sheldon - Biographical Information

Linda A. Hartley is Professor and Coordinator of Undergraduate and Graduate Music Education at the University of Dayton (Ohio). A recipient of two Outstanding Teaching Awards at UD, Dr. Hartley teaches courses in instrumental music methods and pedagogy, and supervises student teachers.
She is the founder and director of the University of Dayton New Horizons Band.
Deborah Sheldon is Professor and Chair of Music Education and Therapy in the Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Her specialties include instrumental conducting, wind band literature, rehearsal techniques and teaching methods, assessment, research, music psychology, behavioral techniques, and systematic observation. She has co-authored the texts The Complete Woodwind Instructor: A Guidebook for the Music Educator (Barnhouse) and Lessons in Performance (FJH).