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Paul Bauer, Greg Howe, Christianne Orto

Paul Bauer, Greg Howe, Christianne Orto

Music Teaching and Learning from a Distance: Viable and Effective Through Technology

Clinic Synopsis:

VideoConference Technology from the corporate world has been actively used for real-time music instruction for more than a decade. The technology is increasingly accessible and improving in quality. Included: a live demonstration, an overview of currently available equipment/software from various manufacturers, technical requirements/challenges, and an introduction to the ultimate videoconference resource - Internet2.

Paul Bauer, Greg Howe, Christianne Orto - Biographical Information

Paul Bauer serves as Director of the Northern Illinois University School of Music. Currently his academic focus is on the use of technology to facilitate teaching, scholarship, and service activities via the commodity internet and Internet2.

Greg Howe is Director of the Cleveland Institute of Music’s Distance Learning Program. CIM's robust K-12 distance education program's informative and highly interactive classes use classical music to illuminate academic content standards in science, math, language arts, history and geography.

Christianne Orto is Assistant Dean of Distance Learning & Director of Recording at the Manhattan School of Music. The DL program reaches over 1700 students annually through videoconference master classes, lessons, clinics, workshops, coachings, colloquia, professional development, and educational outreach programs worldwide.