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Jim Warrick, Mark Morette, Scott Bauer, Scott Steiner

Jim Warrick, Mark Morette, Scott Bauer, Scott Steiner

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Sound Reinforcement and Recording of Jazz and Large Ensembles - Practical and Easy to Use Basic and Advanced Ideas

Clinic Synopsis:

Drawing on decades of live recording and sound engineering experience, Scott Bauer and Scott Steiner, sound engineers for the Midwest Clinic's jazz performances, and Mark Morette of Mark Custom Recording, will share their methods for recording instrumental ensembles of all size and mixing the live sound for jazz ensemble performances. Only dependable, practical techniques will be discussed and demonstrated using the "Jazz Directors Big Fat Band" from the Mantooth Jazz Festival at New Trier HS.

Jim Warrick, Mark Morette, Scott Bauer, Scott Steiner - Biographical Information

Jim Warrick has been the Director of Jazz Ensembles at New Trier HS in Winnetka, IL since 1982, and produced more than 40 CDs by jazz and concert bands. He oversees the live webcasts and cable telecasts of 24 New Trier concerts a year. His groups have performed seven times at the Midwest Clinic. Mark J. Morette is the second-generation owner of Mark Custom Recording Service, and has been recording for over 27 years. He spends over 30 weeks a year recording ensembles. Scott Bauer became the Chief Sound Engineer for the Midwest’s jazz concerts in the Grand Ballroom after retiring from the U.S. Army Field Band, where he served as the Technical Support Sergeants Major, Producer, and lead engineer. Scott Steiner returns yearly to mix monitor speakers for the jazz concerts in the Grand Ballroom and has worked as an engineer and producer in recording studios and as a live sound engineer.