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Lawrence Stoffel

Lawrence Stoffel

"Discovery: Music!" Creating Interactive Concerts that Engage, Entertain, and Educate

Clinic Synopsis:

Since 2003, Lawrence Stoffel has produced a concert series entitled, “Discovery: Music!” These annual, interactive concerts for band introduce students of all ages, parents, and even seasoned concert goers to the joys of music. In the tradition of Leonard Bernstein’s “Young People’s Concerts” and Wynton Marsalis’ “Marsalis on Music,” these discovery concerts reveal universal themes in music by focusing on both the intrigue of creating music and the fulfillment found in listening to music.

Lawrence Stoffel - Biographical Information

Lawrence Stoffel returned to his native California when he assumed the position of Director of Bands at California State University, Northridge in 2004. He teaches courses in music education and conducting, and is coordinator of wind studies. Dr. Stoffel is known for his enthusiasm at rehearsals, concerts, and clinics alike. He has lectured and been published on a wide-range of topics pertinent to the profession — from musical interpretation to band transcriptions, from the use of religious music in the public schools to band in the school curriculum, from copyright law to band discography. He has guest-conducted bands and orchestras of all levels throughout California, the midwest, Canada, and Australia. He has earned degrees from Indiana (D.Mus.), Colorado (M.Mus.), and UCLA (M.Ed., B.A.).