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Kathleen Kerstetter

Kathleen Kerstetter

Pod Savvy: A Guide to iPod Use in the Performing Music Classroom

Clinic Synopsis:

One of the most influential pieces of hardware developed for the music classroom in the past decade has been the iPod. Many iPod users are unaware of the potential for the device to aid in music instruction. Due to the diversity of capabilities of the iPod, they provide an inexpensive way to create media-rich environments. This demonstration will concentrate on three areas of non-traditional iPod use for the performing classroom: recording, video playback, and music applications.

Kathleen Kerstetter - Biographical Information

Kathleen Kerstetter is the Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Music Education at Florida International University. She has taught middle school instrumental music, and music K-8 in south Florida over the last decade. She earned her undergraduate degree in Music Education from Towson University, and her Masters’ and Doctorate in Music Education from the University of Miami. Kerstetter has spoken nationally and internationally about podcasting and technology in the music classroom. She is a member of several professional music organizations including MENC, TI:ME, Florida Bandmaster Association (FBA), and Kappa Kappa Psi and currently serves as the President of the Florida College Music Educators Association.