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James Jordan, Nova Thomas

James Jordan, Nova Thomas

The Centered Musician and Conductor: Toward a Higher Level of Artistry

Clinic Synopsis:

Most performing artists will agree that their best performance and teaching and conducting happens when they are centered. This unique workshop will focus on philosophies of centering and techniques that enable one to be centered for performance. An emphasis on physical activities and breathing exercises that center will be demonstrated and shared. This session is applicable to conductors, ensembles, and solo performers alike.

James Jordan, Nova Thomas - Biographical Information

Widely acknowledged as one of the most influential conductors in America, James Jordan has brought about far-reaching pedagogical and philosophical changes in choral music as well as orchestral conducting, wind conducting, piano, and music education. As Senior Conductor at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, he conducts and teaches undergraduate and graduate choral conducting. He is one of the country’s most prolific writers on the subjects of the philosophy of music making and choral teaching.

Nova Thomas is Assistant Professor of Voice at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, and Professor of Professional Practice and department chair at the New School for Drama, New School University in New York City. She is a recipient of New School University’s most prestigious award for “Excellence in Teaching” and is in demand as a master class teacher and speaker.