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Gary Sousa

Gary Sousa

Is Your Conducting Helping or Hurting Your Ensemble? A Simple No-Nonsense Approach to Creating Clear and Consistent Conducting Technique

Clinic Synopsis:

Every musician knows that great musical performances require strong fundamental technique. Poor tone quality, bad pitch, inaccurate rhythm, unclear articulation, or any one of a myriad of technical problems can hurt the musical intent of the performer. The need for clear and consistent physical technique from the conductor is no different. This clinic will teach clarity and simplification of technique, and help you to determine whether your conducting is helping or hurting your ensemble.

Gary Sousa - Biographical Information

Gary Sousa is the Dir. of Bands and Prof.of Music at The Univ. of Tennessee where he conducts The Univ. of Tennessee Wind Ensemble, directs the graduate program in Wind Conducting, and oversees the entire band program. Prior to accepting this appointment, Sousa was Dir. of Bands at Sam Houston State Univ.and Associate Dir. of Bands at Baylor Univ. Under Sousa's leadership, concert ensembles have received critical acclaim. His bands' performances at state, regional, and national conferences, as well as numerous compact disc recordings, and a recent performance in Carnegie Hall, have drawn praise for excellence in performance, interpretation, and creative programming. Sousa began his teaching career in 1976 in Weston, CTwhere he taught at the junior and senior high school levels. He received his BME from the Univ. of Rhode Island, and his master's and doctorate from The Ohio State Univ.