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Jerry Hoover, Belva Prather

Jerry Hoover, Belva Prather

Failure Is Not An Option!: A Practical Team-Building Approach for Directors, Staff, Students and Boosters

Clinic Synopsis:

Teaching colleagues Jerry Hoover and Belva Prather have taught together at Missouri State University for 23 years. They bring a combined total of 91 years of teaching experience from the public schools and university levels. They illuminate the principles of “team” and believe their ability to work together casts light on them as role models for the professional teaching teams across the country. The clinic presentation will identify achievable goals applicable to your teaching team.

Jerry Hoover, Belva Prather - Biographical Information

Professor Jerry Hoover is Director of Bands at Missouri State University in Springfield where he directs the Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Lab Band, the 300-member PRIDE MARCHING BAND, entertainment ensembles and the Bear Mania Basketball Bands.
He developed award-winning concert, marching and jazz bands in the public schools prior to accepting the band position at New Mexico State University. Mr. Hoover has been in his present position at Missouri State since 1985.

Belva Worthen Prather is Professor of Music at Missouri State University where she conducts the Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony, and the Concert Band. In the Graduate College, she teaches Graduate Research, Advanced Conducting, and Wind Band Literature. Professor Prather’s forty-one year career has included teaching and administration on the elementary, junior high, high school, and university levels.