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Rob Parton

Rob Parton

Jazz Ensemble Direction from Junior High to Professional Big Bands: Everything I Wish I Had Learned as a Music Education Major

Clinic Synopsis:

A successful music educator must be a jack of all musical trades which includes that of a jazz educator/performer. This session offers the opportunity to observe new ideas on teaching the younger rhythm section, younger horn players and advanced techniques towards college students. Blend, swing, time and most of all, beginning improvisation. Where to start even if you have never played jazz before.

Rob Parton - Biographical Information

Rob Parton, one of Chicago’s busiest and most versatile trumpet players, is well known and highly regarded as a studio/theatre/jazz musician, performer-educator and band-leader. He recently accepted a position as Associate Professor of Trumpet at Capital University (Columbus, OH), and will divide his time between Chicago and Columbus for awhile.

Parton performs regularly as featured artist at Chicago's Catch 35. The list of musicians who have played in the Rob Parton Trio is like a who's who in Chicago Jazz.

Parton has played on hundreds of both local and national radio and television commercials and many local CD projects not only as lead trumpet but as contractor.

Parton often directs All-State jazz bands, and has presented and performed at many music education conferences.