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Axiom Brass

Axiom Brass

Chamber Music - The Path to Excellence in Your Band

Clinic Synopsis:

This clinic focuses on using chamber music as a medium to help students improve their technique and musicianship, as well as their ensemble etiquette, confidence and leadership. It explores long-term benefits of chamber music such as personal growth and ability to work as a team. It will demonstrate how these same chamber music techniques can be paralleled in large ensemble rehearsals, thus showing how a chamber music approach to large ensemble can create a more rewarding musical experience.

Axiom Brass - Biographical Information

Praised for their “high level of musicality and technical ability,” the award-winning Axiom Brass Quintet has quickly established itself as “one of the major art music groups in brass chamber music.” Winners of the 2008 International Chamber Brass Competition held at the University of Louisville, KY, and appointed Brass Quintet-in-Residence at the Music Institute of Chicago, the ensemble has worked with prominent musicians such as Chris Martin, Cliff Colnot, Mallory Thompson, and Vincent DiMartino. Axiom Brass is dedicated to enhancing the musical life of communities across the globe and educating the next generation of musicians and listeners. Their blend of virtuosic performances and dynamic teaching has been an inspiration to students of all ages, and their educational programs have guided students to success in high school and college programs across the country.