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Kathleen DeBerry Brungard

Kathleen DeBerry Brungard

Developing the Expressive Bow: Strategies for All Levels of Instruction

Clinic Synopsis:

How do some students perform with a beautiful tone quality? It’s not always an expensive instrument. How do some students perform with incredible musicality? It’s not because they are innately more talented. Why do my students “rush”? It’s not always performance anxiety. This session will discuss the development of the expressive and rhythmic part of string instruments: the bow. Strategies and procedures will be discussed and demonstrated so all students may perform with artistry and confidence.

Kathleen DeBerry Brungard - Biographical Information

A graduate of Wesleyan College and Northwestern University, Kathleen DeBerry Brungard has taught orchestra and strings to grades 1-12 in the public schools of Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. She has also taught concert band, jazz band, and orchestra in California. Many of her elementary and secondary orchestras have performed for national, regional and state music educator conventions. DeBerry Brungard has written curriculum guides for strings at all levels of instruction, and has also been involved in curriculum development for the gifted and talented. She has done extensive work with student teachers, and served as a mentor teacher throughout her 31 years in public education. DeBerry Brungard is an active clinician, conductor, and adjudicator.