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Max McKee, Scott McKee

Max McKee, Scott McKee

Partial to the Winds

Clinic Synopsis:

This clinic delves into an important teaching tool that can assist many aspects of wind band or ensemble rehearsal. By learning the overtone series, the director soon knows nearly every fingering for every instrument and all pitch problems as related to overtone theory, valve combinations and woodwind fingering concepts. Directors will be able to utilize our Ultimate Pursuit testing and feedback system to learn over 30 other teaching area and have access to a new auto-correction rehearsal tool.

Max McKee, Scott McKee - Biographical Information

Director of Bands at Southern Oregon University from 1967-94, Max McKee is now an Emeritus Professor. He is co-founder of WIBC, Incorporated. McKee serves as Chairman of the Board for Western International Band Clinic, is Executive Director of ABC and co-editor of Bandworld Magazine. Sam Houston State University is now the host school for the ABC masters degree program. McKee is a member of the American Bandmasters Association (ABA). He is a recipient of the John Philip Sousa Foundation’s Medal of Honor and an honorary member of Phi Beta Mu and WBDI. He has received the ASBDA's A.A. Harding Award and Midwest's Industry Award. Scott McKee is Managing Director of the American Band College, Organizing Director of the Western International Band Clinic and Associate Editor of Bandworld Magazine. He has taught in Oregon public schools and helped create the Pacific Honours Ensemble Program.