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Suzuki and Traditional Methods: Recognizing the Advantages of Diverse Learning Styles in String Programs

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  • Understanding learning sequences is essential when teaching music in any setting. Suzuki and traditionally trained students process music very differently. Burrell and Vosdoganes will explore the differences between visual/physical learners and aural/physical learners and offer suggestions for enhancing the learning experience of all students in a classroom or private studio that contains both types of musicians.
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  • Lisa Burrell (violin/viola) and Lisa Vosdoganes (cello) have collaborated in work with young string players in the Houston, TX, area for over ten years. With both Suzuki and traditional backgrounds, they bring variety and experience to their work as clinicians in public school string programs, private teaching and collegiate level work with future educators. They have presented individually at the National Suzuki Conference, the Texas Music Educators Association Convention, the Texas Orchestra Directors Association Conference, and the American String Teachers Association Conference, in addition to regional clinics and in-services for string teachers.