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Carl Hancock

Carl Hancock

'They Have a New Band Director Again?' Who is Leaving the Profession, Why Are They Leaving, What is it Like on the Other Side, and Why Are So Many Coming Back to the Podium?

Clinic Synopsis:

If we conceive of band director attrition as an illness, we find that there are many solutions to inoculating the profession. Results from national studies predict the retention of music teachers, reveal unexpected reasons for leaving the field, prescribe solutions for returning former directors to the podium, and reveal that the grass isn’t always greener in another profession!

Carl Hancock - Biographical Information

Carl B. Hancock began teaching in 1992 and is presently Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of Alabama. His research centers on the national supply/demand of music teachers as well as the development of conducting skills, and non-musicians’ emotional responses to music. Some of his work appears in the Journal of Research in Music Education, Bulletin for the Council of Research in Music Education, and the Journal of Band Research. Hancock maintains an active schedule of presentations at national, regional, and state symposia as well as adjudication and conducting appearances. In 2006, he and his graduate students founded the Tuscaloosa Winds, a 90-member intergenerational community/campus band. Hancock presently serves on the southern board of the College Music Society and holds degrees from The Florida State University.