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Joseph Pisano

Joseph Pisano

Great Two-Track Recordings – A Low-Cost Recording Solution Using A Hand-Held Digital Recorder and Open-Source Software

Clinic Synopsis:

Every ensemble director has the need to make great sounding, low-cost/low-effort recordings; however, most ensemble directors do not have the luxury of having high-end audio studios, money available for recording sessions, nor copious amounts of their students' time to dedicate to making the perfect recording. By utilizing many of the newer "hand held" digital recording devices and the power of open-source audio software the ability to make excellent recordings has never been easier.

Joseph Pisano - Biographical Information

Joseph Pisano is the Associate Chair of Music at Grove City College located in Grove City, PA. At Grove City, he is an Associate Professor of Music and Music Technology and the Associate Director of Bands. He also serves as the Music Education Guide Writer/Editor for In-Tune Monthly Magazine.

He is an active ensemble conductor, adjudicator, jazz trumpeter, author, and fine arts advocate. He is also well known for his online music education initiatives through his many websites.