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Larry Livingston

Larry Livingston

Beyond Measure Seven: Lessons That Linger

Clinic Synopsis:

Public schools need open-ended, multi-stylistic music ed. Using a demo group, the clinician will model "ALL IN," an educational initiative which treats music, not limited to classical music, as irreducible, valid, & worthy of exploration. The “band room” becomes the music room, a gateway to musical possibilities. Accepting the musical values of the iPod generation as a point of departure, the teacher can introduce myriad forms of musical performance, composition, and improvisation.

Larry Livingston - Biographical Information

The founding Music Director of the Illinois Chamber Orchestra, Larry Livingston regularly conducts in the US and Europe. Reviews describe “long, unending applause, enthusiastic cheers, like at a rock concert.” During 2007-10, he appeared with the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania), festival orchestras in Arizona, Texas, Indiana, Colorado, and the Idyllwild Festival Orchestra.
Over the course of his 25 year tenure as CEO at 3 of the nation’s top music schools, he raised more than $100 million. Formerly Dean of the Thornton School of Music, Livingston is Music Director of Thornton Orchestras. A motivational speaker, he is known for his presentation Conducting Your Company, Conducting Your Life. Livingston is the Guitar Center's Director of Educational Initiatives, and chairs the Education Committee of the Quincy Jones Musiq Summit.