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Julie Lyonn Lieberman

Julie Lyonn Lieberman

Ergonomic Set-Up: Chin- and Shoulder-Rest Choices for Violin/Viola

Clinic Synopsis:

We all have different body-types and needs when we make music. Let’s look at all the issues that determine instrument position and support: postural habits, muscle memory; joint and muscle function; personalizing the equipment, and 4 variables for placement: horizontal, vertical, tilt, and angle. Emphasis will be placed on creating a dynamic (rather than static), well-supported, pain-free dance with your instrument. Then we’ll relate this to specifics for violin/viola.

Julie Lyonn Lieberman - Biographical Information

Julie Lyonn Lieberman is an eclectic styles violinist & vocalist, who specializes in improvisation and American vernacular as well as world styles. Her contribution to the field of Music Medicine has been quite extensive over the last 20 years via her “Playing Healthy” clinics across the U.S. and abroad, her book, “You Are Your Instrument” (1993) and its four spin-off DVDs, including “Violin & Viola Ergonomics” and “The Violin in Motion.” She is the author of 8 music books: The Creative Band and Orchestra, The Contemporary Violinist, Improvising Violin, Blues Fiddle, Planet Musician and Alternative Strings: The New Curriculum. DVD titles: Rhythmizing the Bow, Techniques for the Contemporary String Player & Vocal Aerobics. She is a D’Addario Elite Clinician, Alfred composer, Artistic Director for Strings Without Boundaries, and is on ASTA's National Curriculum Committee.