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Marsha Hartwein, Susan Waters

Marsha Hartwein, Susan Waters

Herding Cats: A Guide For Classroom Management in the Middle School Band Room

Clinic Synopsis:

Herding Cats, an old southern expression, describes the difficulties of trying to guide cats to a specific place. Their nature makes this effort frustrating and futile. What does this have to do with middle school band? There are interesting and humorous comparisons. Middle schoolers are often ruled by fleeting emotions. Individual dramas can take valuable time away from rehearsal. However, middle school students are enthusiastic, creative, talented, and capable of amazing things once "herded."

Marsha Hartwein, Susan Waters - Biographical Information

Marsha Hartwein and Susan Waters currently teach in the Metropolitan Nashville School District which supports a very culturally diverse population of about 75,000 students. Both clinicians are very passionate about educating middle school bands, but each has a common thread of high school band experience. Both clinicians have spent about half of their careers in rural school systems and ironically enough find themselves in an urban school district facing unique challenges. Hartwein and Waters together have over five decades of teaching experience within Kentucky and Tennessee and are frequently sought after as adjudicators, clinicians and guest conductors. Their bands consistently receive superior ratings at all district and state assessments events and have multiple performances at National and State Music Educators Conferences.