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Music of the Mind, Body and Spirit: Bringing Music to Life

Clinic Synopsis:

Barry Green presents a new, innovative methodology for channeling life, spirit, and energy through the body of the performer! This session presents three master skills—breath, pulse, and movement—that contribute to the magical spirit from the greatest of performers. YouTube clips illuminate how famous jazz, hip-hop, Latin, classical, and chamber music artists, including Joshua Bell, Oscar Petersen, and maestro Leonard Bernstein use these master body skills bringing music to life.

Barry Green - Biographical Information

Barry Green served as Principal Bassist of the Cincinnati Symphony for 28 years. As former Executive Director of the International Society of Bassists, he is currently directing a young bassist program for the San Francisco Symphony Education Department, teaches privately at Campolindo High School in Moraga and at the University of California Santa Cruz, and is the organizer of the Northern California Bass Club. He is author of The Inner Game of Music (Doubleday), The Mastery of Music (Broadway), and Bringing Music to Life (GIA). He wrote The Popular Bass Method in collaboration with Bay Area jazz bassist Jeff Neighbor and has also written Advanced Techniques of Double Bass Playing—a college level addendum to existing methods. His recent solo CD’s include Ole-Cool and Live from St. Croix plus a jazz/improv CD Seat of the Pants.