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Hans Sturm

Hans Sturm

Fighting for Music Education: Ideas to Help Keep Music Programs Alive in the Face of Deep Budget Cuts

Clinic Synopsis:

This clinic will discuss how many cultures believe music can impact brain development and the academic achievement of students. The clinician will share a “plan of action” with strategies for finding unique ways to garner support for music programs: including outreach activities, partnering opportunities, grassroots social networking, and the novel approach taken by the new “Bach Box” project.

Hans Sturm - Biographical Information

Past-president of the International Society of Bassists, Hans Sturm has toured extensively on six continents as a symphony, jazz, and chamber musician. His jazz credits include Jackie Allen, Eddie Daniels, Stanley Jordan, Roscoe Mitchell, and many others. He has contributed performances and compositions to over forty jazz and chamber music recordings including releases on Blue Note, Music & Arts, Innova, CRI, and Red Mark. He is also an award-winning producer for two state-of-the-art pedagogical DVDs incorporating user-selectable camera angles and bio-mechanics animations featuring international pedagogue François Rabbath. He is professor emeritus at Ball State University where he taught for seventeen years and currently holds the position of assistant professor of double bass and jazz studies at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. He holds degrees from UW-Madison and Northwestern.