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Jeni Paulson, Randall Foster

Jeni Paulson, Randall Foster

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Clinic Synopsis:

Today’s copyright environment is wrought with stumbling blocks bound to trip up most ensemble directors. Learn the basics of copyright and how to avoid common pitfalls by covering your bases and securing correct permissions for the music you use in and out of the classroom. This session will cover: the ABC’s of copyright, application in the classroom, case studies, and instruction on how to sure you are legally using music with your students.

Jeni Paulson, Randall Foster - Biographical Information

Jeni Paulson is president of CopyCat Music Licensing, LLC. She has worked with publishers, composers, copyright owners, and performing organization wishing to use certain music for public performance. She has worked with clients throughout the world to obtain licenses in all areas of music from print and publishing to mechanical, synchronization, master use, broadcast, and performance licensing.Randall Foster is Licensing and Business Development Manager at Naxos, “The World’s Leading Classical Music Label.” He oversees all music licensing of the Naxos catalog, distributed label recordings, and video product for the Americas. An ardent student of copyright and licensing, Randall has licensed music for film, TV, advertising, video games, and commercial recordings.