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John Philip Sousa IV, Loras John Schissel

John Philip Sousa IV, Loras John Schissel

John Philip Sousa's America: The March King's Life in Pictures and Stories

Clinic Synopsis:

“John Philip Sousa's America,” a new book by John Philip Sousa IV, and Loras John Schissel, brings his great grandfather's legacy to life with almost 300 images, quotes, cartoons, articles, ads, photos, and periodicals. Not only does the book outline the various decades of his life, but shows the power of the man, his music, and his love of the United States of America. The clinic will discuss the making of the book and the making of the man; as well as leave ample time for questions.

John Philip Sousa IV, Loras John Schissel - Biographical Information

John Philip Sousa IV continues to share his great grandfather’s love of America. As honorary chair and board member of the Enduring Freedom KIA Fund, Sousa helped raise and distribute over two-million dollars to the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. He also led the effort to raise the necessary funds for the first life-size statue of his great grandfather. Although, not musically inclined, Sousa IV has found an artistic niche in painting—mostly bold, bright abstracts, and patriotic paintings. Working with Loras in the development of a new book, “John Philip Sousa’s America,” will be the first of many such projects to promote the legacy, music, and patriotism of JPS. Sousa IV also serves on the board of the Federation for American Immigration Reform and helps AMERICA 4R MARINES, who do so much for our country.