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Perry A. Ralenkotter, Darren Webb

Perry A. Ralenkotter, Darren Webb

Back from the Brink: How an Instrumental Music Program Survived and Thrives Under NCLB and Budget Cuts

Clinic Synopsis:

In 2001, the Sunman-Dearborn Middle School Band program was 440 strong and extremely successful. That began to change with No Child Left Behind and the removal of the beginning band program into a new building. Follow these two highly experienced music educators for the next hour as they describe the multiple and sustained challenges that nearly eliminated their programs, as well as the creative and replicable solutions that they implemented to—not only survive—but to thrive!

Perry A. Ralenkotter, Darren Webb - Biographical Information

Perry A. Ralenkotter has been director of bands at Sunman-Dearborn Middle School, since 1991. His bands have received "With Distinction" ratings, as well as being invited to perform at the IMEA convention. As a Yamaha Clinician and frequent guest conductor, he works with school systems on recruiting/retention and fosters support for the arts. He also teaches at the Stephen Foster Summer Music Camp in Kentucky and has been featured twice as SBO's, "50 directors who make a difference." Darren Webb is director of bands at Lawrenceburg Community Schools. He is well known for turning around struggling music programs and achieving historical results in school systems of every socioeconomic demographic. Webb often serves as a guest conductor and clinician.