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Through the Eyes of the Administrator: Making Music Relevant in an Academically Driven Curriculum

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  • As music teachers, we inherently understand the academic and intellectual aspects of music to our students. How do we communicate this to the other stakeholders in the educational community, particularly school administrators?
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  • 12/20/2012 04:30 AM - N/A
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  • Elizabeth Sokolowski is head of the music education division at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She is responsible for the curricular components of the music education program and teaches graduate courses in K-12 Music Curriculum Design, Assessment, and Secondary Music Pedagogy. A graduate of Temple University, she has attended graduate studies at the University of the Arts, West Chester, and Villanova Universities and earned a master’s in educational leadership at St. Joseph’s University. She also holds a Pennsylvania Instructional II Teaching Certificate and a Pennsylvania Administrative and Supervisory Certificate. Sokolowski has presented at several state and national music conferences, on Current Trends in Music Education, Music Technology Integration, Curriculum Design and Development, and 21st Century Learning and Creativity in Music Education