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December, 19, 2012
02:30 PM - N/A




The Viennese Style: Conducting, Teaching and Orchestrating the Music of Johann Strauss

Clinic Synopsis:

Johann Strauss' music is timeless, and its popularity endures even today, whether through the success of Andre Rieu or the Vienna Philharmonic. Yet musicians around the globe interpret this Viennese style differently, even within Austria, the country of its origin. And though the style of the music may be light, a proper interpretation entails more than you might think. This clinic will cover several ways to approach this fascinating musical style and how to translate these to your band. (No Handout Available)

Fritz Neuböck - Biographical Information

Fritz Neuböck was born on May 10th 1965. He had his first music lessons at the regional music school in his place of birth, Ebensee (Austria), after which he studied trumpet, piano and orchestral conducting at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz. Fritz Neuböck is managing director of the Landesmusikschule Ebensee, where he also teaches wind band conducting. In 1992 he founded the Bezirksjugendorchester Gmunden, a young band he also conducted until 2007. At this moment Neuböck is conductor of the string orchestra Musikfreunde Ebensee, the Fire Brigade Band (Feuerwhermusikkapelle) from Langwies and the Salzgammergut Bläserphilharmonie. Since 1990 Fritz Neuböck mainly composes for wind bands and his pieces are published by several publishers, including Tierolff Muziekcentrale since 2008.